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 Is it normal to have suicidal thoughts everyday?
I go through bouts of feeling happy and sad but even when i'm happy i still think about them....

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 Just help me please...?
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 Help... i'm 19 and have no ambition motivation goals or direction in life...?
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 What do you like the most about yourself?
self image......

i've been self harming for 4 years (i'm 16). i managed to stop it for about a few months. but because i'm so stressed out, i'm tempted on harming myself again. i am punching ...

 Am I depressed?
I am really down lately. My marriage is in trouble, my son is disabled and it is difficult at times, I lost a great paying job and now work for much less and I just feel like everything is down on me....

 Very Confused, And Attention Starved?
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 I need your help. My boyfriend is an addict?
My boyfriend is an addict, and he just expects me to not fuss about the drugs. He is addicted to crack cocaine and ecstacy and he has been to rehab seven times, but each time he comes out, two weeks ...

 Do i have a mental disorder?
I am a 15 year old girl.
I often think that my friends don't really want to be friends with me. I feel like they just feel sorry for me. I also start fights with them for no reason. I like ...

most people describe me as a funny, smart and pretty girl but recently ive been crying constantly and i feel isolated and so alone. i hav tried 2talk to a friend but she kind of disregards it and ...

I Suffer from social anxiety disorder and its interfering with my life
well.. i have no life lol because of it my mums gona fone my doctor and try and get me a phsychiatrist or something to help ...

 Tell me why my husband blames all his bad behavior on being bipolar - isn't he ever to blame for hurting me?
Ever since my husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, all of his bad, even abusive behavior gets blamed on the lack of meds before treatment, porblems with meds since treatment, or just the ...

How can I effectively, painlessly, and discreetly end my life?
I have no will to live. I don't any have friends. I'm not doing any service to the world. What is an easy and painless method of suicide?

Future Architect
Hey man, be more flamboyant! During the French Revolution, the guillotine was suggested as most humane method for execution, since it was fast and supposedly painless. Anyway, I think your problem is only in your head. Join a local charity, or other cause, and you might just solve more than one of your problems!

aarzooji a
Be positive why you want to die, if you search the whole world can be friend to you and help you , provided you are willing to come out of your depression, why don't you promote our site for health products----you can do good for people and do good service. www.planetayurveda.com

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling down. I may know how you feel. There have been many times since i was about 11 that i felt like i just couldn't go on living anymore. I have wanted to just end the misery that i felt, but I never could do it. I thought about my family and how they would feel if i died, and even though sometimes it doesn't feel like they care, they do. We all have bad times and and sometimes it can seem to last forever, but think about your dreams and what you want out of your life. life has endless possibilities, i don't know if you are 18 or not but after 18 you have the choice to make your life what you want. Maybe talk to a doctor about your depression i know it seems hard to do but the doctor will keep it between just you and him/her. If you ever need to talk add me to your messanger. Stay strong. by the way i'll be happy to talk to you about how i have made it through if you'd like

Hmm posting on Yahoo certainly isn't discrete. I'd join the peace core, goto africa, and die of maleria. That way you can make it look like an accident.

I'm sorry you feel that way, I know that feeling all too well. My girlfreind took her life a couple years ago and it took me a long time to get over that, it was the most painful experience of my adult life. Yet I at times feel suicidal, but I know I'm bipolar and try to get the treatment I need. There is a book out there on suicide but I'm not going to tell you what it is or how to get it. I have it and if I know one thing now, it's much more difficult to kill yourself than you think, your body is quite resilient and all you may end up doing is causing brain damage or something like that, an even MORE horrendous way to live and from that point on you have no hope or end in sight. I say this to discourage you from that idea. There is help out there, I know it's difficult to ask when you're feeling so empty inside, like no one cares. But people do care, it's just most of the time we're all so caught up in our own troubles we fail to look around at our freinds and family to see that they are hurting much worse than we are. I know, for you right now hope is non existent, but try to find it within yourself to find some form of help. Call someone, please. Write me if you like, I'd be happy to talk with you if you like.

Kolak T
effectivelly, yes.
there will be no discretion from the authorites unless you can pass your death off as an accident. are you prepared to have someone be blamed for your death? people look for someone to blame.
your friends and family will be pained, at least let them know what you are thinking, don't be the person that you are not. the people that love you should do not deserve to be shocked if you kill yourself.
it's your life but don't think it's so easy to leave for you or the others you'd leave behind.
i think about killing myselff and the thing that keeps me here is unselfishness. as sad as it masy be... there is no easy way out.

swallow a cyanide pill, it will do the trick

Come on manz... why die... tink about all those ppl whu are fighting wit their life to live... you will have a gd life ahead... even if everything seems hopeless or desperate... you shld not give up... fate will decide when you will die... try find meaningful things to do... tink of things to do tat will make you happy... go on be free... be yourself manz...

Buy a seringe [[needle thingy]] and fill it with air then inject it into your veins...you'll die instantly and painlessly.

But think seriously before you make this rash decision.
Read 'White Oleander'.
It's worth it....it'll save your life....as it saved mine.
You mean something.

E-mail me if you need support.
People ARE here for you...

Please don't hurt everyone who cares for you...even if you don't know they do...
My boyfriend just commited suicide a month ago.
I'll NEVER move on...I LOVE him...

Just hold tight.

I once felt like suicide because I was depressed. When you are depressed, sometimes, you don't KNOW that you are depressed, you see. So the question is not about suicide but about depression which is actually the thief. The first step is to admit that you are depressed. Drugs can help with depression but the best medicine is counselling. Challenge the depression before you think about suicide. If you can categorically say that you are not depressed but still want to commit suicide then, I'd say, that you are probably worth helping. By the way cyanide works but only the right kind, so be careful. I still think counselling is the right thing. Ask the counsellor if they do spiritual counselling, jungian, if they have read Dostoyevski and understand the meaning of sufism. The counselor must be over 50. Gardening is a good way of transferring bad energy into the earth out of your body. Suicide is actually rather ugly and not worth the effort, quite frankly. Especially if it doesn't work. It could paralyse you for life. Meditation is also useful and you might want to try Transcendental Meditation. Go find out more about it and judge for yourself. Doing TM correctly will certainly sort you out within 6 months. Important to keep going for checkings.

Jack H
e-mail me to sign up for my yahoo army to destroy edna jane furrows and kevin

you can't sorry

how can u say ---"i dont hav any friends"---when i am your friend----believe me----once i also felt same then i realized-----i was cowardly behaving at that time-----trust me , trust in GOD ,do only right things ---do your work and and dont think about results---just do it---smile and let others smile but---suicide is a insult of GOD -----dont think of it ever----ok got it----from--anshul---cancer_on@yahoo.co....

make me ur friend and live or jump from a building

you cant. find Jesus Christ and youll be good

u must not look at life at that perspective. be more bright, have some fait h in u. get a job. learn whatever u need to learn. have some confidence in ur self. u'll findout thatlife is good, and worth living.

[ ^ _ ^ ]
and the Question is
Does the world deserve to make you suicide?
It is up to you , you decide

you can't so don't try.

magnum 1 round is all it takes but it might be a lil messy i mean there will be nothing left of ur head

dear friend.. when u feel the world has turned its back on you.. look again..its probabaly you whose turned ur back on the world..

this life is jst one..nd very precious.. happiness is there under ur feet jst hava look.. nd dnt feel so lonely.. therer r lott many ppl here to b frds.. nd may b need u .. sope jst reach out... we r waitin.. Cant lose a precious human being like ya!!! njoy

hey,ask for help to live not die. stop being stupid take a walk look at the world in a new light and if u cant do anything start screaming and don't stop until u feel all the frustration go out. live !!!!!!!!!

seek help, man. you may not want to, but if you end it all now there's no going back. later in life, you'll probably find something that really makes you enjoy being alive. but if you off yourself now, you'll never know.

i feel sorry for you that your life has come to a point where you would rather end it than go on. all i can say is that i think you should get professional help, and quickly.

Don't do that!!!!! You don't have any friends... big deal. I don't have real friends neither. Think about your family.
Do you think that you would be happier on the other side?
In my religion is tooth that people that suicide go straight to hell, and they are not aloud to be buried in cemeteries.
Try to change your life... find something that you like to do.
Or go in Africa as a volunteer.
If all people that are in your situation wold suicide then i think at least 1 bl people would die. But they are strong enough to live. Don't be a coward.

sincity usa
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you need a friend i would only be two happy to be your pal. And besides if you do yourself in you can't give anyone the 10pts for best answer, life is great and you don't get a second chance.

Find something to live for, and forget about death. Heh easier said than done right? Yeah i know you're probably tired of a lot of things, I'm not exactly mr sunshine. But I could never witness someone wanting to die and not do anything. This world is harsh and ain't exactly kind, trust me i know. You can always do a service for this world if you want to. And you can always find friends. You were born into this world for a reason. Find that reason. Oh you just made a friend (me). DO NOT KILL YOURSELF OK??!!

take care

You need to call a suicide hotline immediately and contact a psychiatrist. You have very low self-esteem issues and need help right away. Nothing is so bad that you have to kill yourself over it. I think if you start seeing a professional and talking out your issues, you will come to realize that you are an important person in this world. I would also recommend finding a pastor or priest that you can talk with to help you with your spiritual needs. God put you here for a reason and only he has the right to end your life. Once you start getting some therapy, maybe they can recommend some groups you can get involved with to meet some friends and start socializing. Good Luck and I'll keep you in my prayers, but PLEASE CALL SOMEONE NOW TO HELP YOU. I don't think you really want to kill yourself or you wouldn't be looking for help on here. This is just a cry for help and I truly hope you take my advice.

Please don't listen to these people who are giving you suggestions as to what to do. They are totally insensitive as to what you are going thru.

mark l
hey dude,you have no reason to die,i can be your friend,were do you live?think positive man,never think about killing yourself.

♥ lani s
You already did by asking this kind of question.

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