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Cutie Cupcake
Ok, I'm not overweight, but do you think i'm fat?
My BMI is 23.0, but i just want to know if a look fat.




I've given 3 pics because it's hard to tell from 1. thanks x

Rob W
I think you look great, but if you want to lose weight there is some to be lost. Don't go all anorexic or anything on use though

yeah .. i do think you are a little fat .. but thats just me ! sorry .. i know it sounds nasty but you did ask .

You are far from fat but to be honest you have a little podge on your belly, which you could easily lose with a bit of exercise. I personally think you great and i quite like the podge.

you not fat just compare yourself to them woman in the USA when ever your in a "fat" mood ok that will help u cos your are so skinny compared to them!!!

You may want to check the http://www.stayinformed.info/health/idealweight.htm to see in your in the rang for your height. If your heavy know it usually does not get better. It comes a little at a time.

not fat...
remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Don't focus on what the celebrities say is fat or not.
Do you feel beautiful? You ARE!
I'm not so keen on people asking these kinds of questions because you are just setting yourself up to have your ego bashed and then you have a bunch of strangers opinions that really, in the end, don't matter for sh*t.
If you really wanna feel good, get out and excersize, eat healthy and the rest will come.

Nope, you're pretty average. Cute bra/swimsuit though.

You've got a little extra stuffing but you don't look fat. Besides you're leaning forward when measuring. That will always make your belly bulge.

You look cute, don't worry so much about it.

Take care of yourself, be healthy and happy!

You look good except a little paunch, Just do situps and that will burn it away

Nah, your fine girl. If you don't start getting to the gym 2 days a week though, you will be fat in about 5 years!!!!!

Blue-Eyed Guy
In the swimsuit you look very nice, not fat at all. The others are hard to tell. I would not worry. You will definitely get some lookers in that bikini.

~ *? * ~
you are not fat.

You have curves!
Show them off :)

My Final Answer
Check your fat content and go like the national program. Rid yourself of trans fat.

anything that "buldges" is fat...but just because you *have* fat dosent mean that you *are* fat. Your not the most in shape person on the planet but your not fat....just tone up a little if your worried about it.

Go Bears!
You purposely took pictures that make you look fat. Take a picture - fully clothed - of you standing up straight. Then someone can tell if you are fat.

Don't worry, you're nowhere near fat, however you do have a little bit of a belly going on there. Try doing 10-15 minutes of walking everyday & cut 100-200 calories off of your daily calorie intake. I guarantee your tummy will shrink :)

You don't look fat - You look healthy!

If anything, the way you're sitting in the photos might be contributing to your idea that you look fat (which, again, you don't). I'd say you might want to tone a bit, but I wouldn't worry about losing weight if I were you.

If you're interested in a quick, fun way to tone up over the course of a month, I know that Self magazine has just started a new online challenge here: http://www.self.com/goal/welcome

But again, no - you're not fat. you look well proportioned and healthy.

You look great.
Don't listen to the ******* in here saying otherwise. When you ask these kinds of questions, you're opening yourself up to those kinds of answers. People look for opportunities to attack you and make you feel bad, even though they probably do think you look great as well.

I don't think your fat btw I love your swimsuit :)

lol ur SKINNY! VERY!! and the reson ur tape mesure is 36..is because of curves not fat!

Your middle section could use some toning. Try sit-ups. You look like you are young. There is still time to do some changing.

No, you're not fat.

swati s
no , u are not fat . But , its better if u reduce some fat of your belly .


No, you're not fat.

shadez b
It looks like you're kind of poking your belly out. Anyway, I don't (personally) think you look fat. Nothing a better posture won't fix. Sit up straight, and hold it taut. It looks loads better when taking pics and stuff.

BMI numbers don't always tell the whole story. Mine is 24.9 and I can see my ribs.... I would suggest toning up. Moving around is the best thing. If you feel fat, you are. I think you could also use some form of counseling for the esteem issues apparent in the question. You might also check your BMI again at another source. Good Luck!

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