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How long does it take your body to adjust to drinking more water?
I understand the importance of drinking plenty of water so I have recently started drinking 2-3 times more water than I usually do. Needless to say, this change has caused me to constantly have to use the bathroom. Does anyone know how long it typically takes for the body to adjust to getting more fluid and I no longer need to have to use the bathroom as much?
Additional Details
I was drinking only about 16 oz of pure water a day and now I would say it's 48-80 oz at this point. I had been told in the past (in health class, from friends and family) that your body does adjust to the higher water intake but I was never too sure about it, since it seems that what goes in must come out...this is why I posed the question.

Jeremy W
The rule of thumb goes like this;
If you don't need to pee every hour - you're not drinking enough water!
There is also a joke around this topic that goes;
When I pee I have to listen for it, because it is so clear I can't see it! (Obviously male oriented)

I don't think you ought to expect NOT to pee more, and I certainly have withdrawl symptoms (similiar to a hangover) if I don't drink my normal gallon a day. (BTW we only drink purified water - using reverse osmosis)
It has made a huge difference to how I feel and cope with stress, physical activity etc...

The Mog
You are probably drinking too much water if you have to constantly use the bathroom. Drinking too much water can also be bad for your health causing hyponatremia (low sodium) and in general diluting out the electrolytes your body needs. If your urine is dark yellow you are probably not drinking enough water. If it is very clear you may be drinking too much. If you are actually thirsty all of the time you may have diabetes. If you do not have diabetes your thirst will adjust to your need of water. If you drink just water and drink when you are actually thirsty - your body will get the water it needs. A little extra water wont hurt but many people go way overboard and it becomes a problem. Please talk to your doctor about these things.

3 weeks

Maureen B
First off, drinking only 16 oz. of water daily isn't even close to being enough. I have medullary sponge kidney and I was only drinking 32 oz. which wasn't helping my condition. The average person should be drinking no less than 64 oz. or eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day. I myself have to drink approx 80 oz. to keep the flow of urine so I don't get infections. Urine output should be very pale yellow to clear to make sure your body is filtering the blood properly. If it is dark yellow to almost brown you are under hydrated and can be at risk for infection. You will still put out quite a bit of urine drinking 64 oz. a day but that is good. I know it's a pain to have to keep going to the bathroom but if you're not going often then your blood is not being filtered enough. However, you can excessively urinate if you have an infection. DO NOT do what Mia says and hold your urine until you can't hold it anymore. You should not be trying to stretch your bladder. If you hold it in, urine can get backed up in your kidneys and put you at risk for a kidney infection.

it takes different people different times it took me about 2-3 weeks it could take others months

Human body is 75% water. With active even breathing we use it. what you body doesn't use above the 75% you eliminate.
There is also a danger of drinking to much water. People have actually died.
Over doing anything even a good thing can be harmful. 8 to 10 8 oz daily under "normal" activity is all one needs.

leah d
it might take 2 weeks. Then again you will have to still pee alot.

Bad Kitty!
First of all, you won't stop feeling the need to pee more frequently. When you consume excess water, your body will eliminate it. It doesn't "learn" to use it mor efficiently in some way - if you didn't pee, you'd bloat up, and that would mean something was wrong with you.

The myth about the necessity of drinking "8 to 20 glasses of water a day" has been addressed by many doctors, but the Snopes website describes it in a nutshell. The average person loses about 10 cups of water a day through normal activity; but they also take in four cups of water from regular food, leaving them needing only six cups (about a liter) to make up the difference. Water is also present in juices, tea, and other beverages.

If you get tired of running to the potty all the time, try drinking less water. Eight glasses isn't necessary, and won't improve your health. This is not to say that water isn't good for you! It helps keep you from getting constipated; it can help you lose weight by making you feel full if you drink before eating. But try drinking only when you're thirsty; your body knows when it needs water.

Look at your tongue... When it turns pink and gets smooth and silky, you are adequately hydrated! If it is white and dry looking with a sticky film... you need more water!

bhamidipati v
there is no constant time.it is varying from person to person.with in a week you can adjust to the excess water.best thing would be to maintain some thing like the log book of a running vehicle. number of kilometers run places gone and petrol consumed etc;unless you note down the readings of your body you can not know. it varies from person to person. i am at present taking four litres of water,drinking water. it started from one litre and now it is four litres.the difficulty of regular urination is there.but as time goes on excellent health condition will be experienced

It takes three weeks to form a habit. However, your body is being flushed right now and until it is used to being constantly hydrated you are going to have a bathroom problem. The situation can be counteracted with the amount of salt intake but that will ulltimately cause health issues

pickle destroyer
I did the same thing. I think it took about 2 or 3 weeks before I stopped having to go practically once every hour. Of course I still go more often than I did before I started increasing my water intake, but it's no where near as ridiculous an amount than at first.

Drink when you're thirsty, unless you're out working in the hot sun, then you want to drink some before you go outside, and some while you're working. Don't believe the hype. People like to sell bottled water...

Everyone should drink water like you. It's a great cleansing system for the body.

You'll always have to pee more. It's your body getting rid of the toxins.

Just hope your baller grows a little so it can hold more.

The recommendation is 1/2 oz per lb-a bit more if you're really active in sports. The amount of time it will take to adjust to being hydrated is going to vary from person to person but I imagine not over a month.
Kudos to you for taking care of yourself!

You will always go to the bathroom more often if you drink more. Where do you think the water goes?

the more u drink, u will go more!! i don't think it will stop, if ur bladder gets full , it will empty, so if u drink more, u will go more

it takes a few weeks and your body should adjust.

A couple weeks.

In a week's time your body will get the hang of it.

But remember that too much water can be as bad as too little.

I drink only water in mmy diet, basically. So here's my advice.

Spread out your drinking. Don't just chug it all at once to make your "quota". Chugging will make you have to pee.

Also, cut out anything else you drink. I literally only drink water, and the occasional glass of milk, because that's all we keep in the house. If you are adding other liquids to the mix it will obviously add to the pee problem too. If you don't give yourself that option you will stick with water.

What goes in must come out either as err -- well you know, or as perperation....

The danger of drinking too much water is that it can wash the salt out of your blood. This is known as Hyponatremia -- it can kill you

By taking in to much salt and not enough water you can get the opposite problem Hypernatremia



This condition makes your body hold on to too much water and is hard on the heart. This is why many Doctors (bless their little one track minds) tell people NOT to eat salt. What they all fail to mention is that the amount of salt in the body is critical and falls into a pretty narrow "normal range"

If I were you I would consult with you physician, after you've read about both conditions on the web ...it never hurts to know more than the Doctor (they really hate that) and discuss your overall health, exercise regieme and reasons for drinking more water.

If this a fad diet, that isn't a very good reason. If a doctor told you to do it, discuss WHY he told you to do it.

I had to go 4 times to the emrgency room in 3 differant hospitals complaing of chest pain -- only the fourth Doctor said "GEE You're having a heart attack!" Well DUH!

Unfortunately the damage had already been done by the time I got to the 4th Doctor, so now I am a 49 year old man with a triple bypassed 75 year old heart (yeah it's still my heart)

Here is the sad condition of our medical community today -- the head Doctor of the AMA recently gave this recommendation to ALL physicians US wide; He said, "Doctors should use the Internet more often to obtain better diagnosises for their patients"

I interpret this to mean that we as the American public are basiclly on our own.

There is a statistic that I have seen that basiclly says "that you are 9000 times more likely to die as a result of a medical mistake, than you are from a handgun"

I wish I could include the referace for that but I can't

NLS sndz....

Well, it usually takes a few days or a couple of weeks.
However, thirty days are usually the maximum amount of time for my body to get used to anything.

So i advise you to just stick through with the amount of water you're drinking and you'll eventually start to notice a decrease.

The way you treat your body is a huge determining factor so i can't really give a concrete answer.

But hang in there.

I remember when i started drinking more water, i had to pee every few minutes. It drove me nuts. But it faded into every few hours :)

From experience and observation, this is what I noticed. If you are going from a state of functional dehydration, then you will notice a lot.

It will take about 4 days for your body to adjust to the increased water intake. First, you will notice that you go to the bathroom a lot. You will notice the color of your urine is fading to clear. That is good because your body has less toxins in the blood stream.

By the 2nd or 3rd day you will notice you are going to the bathroom less. You're body is retaining more water now. You will also notice that you have more saliva. That is also good because it means you are hydrated and as you know, saliva helps digest food and kills bacteria in your mouth (less bad breath).

So by the 4th day, your body is regulating the water intake. Note that 8 glasses of water is fine. Really, the amount of water that you take is dependent on your muscle mass and height. So 8 glasses might too much or just right.

Remember, water is the key not soda or coffee.

Good Luck!

christina g
It is never good to strain your sphincter muscle. The more you hold in your pee the weaker the muscle becomes from being stretched out. You may have to have surgery for repair, your muscle works like a rubber band if you stretch it and stretch it, the muscle will become weak thus causing the bladder to spill over causing unwanted accidents. fluids push fluids so only hydrate as much as you can tolerate the out flow.

Russian T
You didn't say what your usual water intake was prior to the increase.

From all the info that I have read on water intake, 8-8 ounce glasses of water is a good quantity for the average adult to be drinking each day. Works out to 2 quarts.

When I moved from Oregon to Arizona, I found out that if I wasn't taking in at least that amount, my joints started aching, and my thinking slowed down. Didn't drink near that amount in Oregon, because the humidity was higher. Should have been, but didn't.

The extra trips to the bathroom slowed down in a couple of weeks, after I figured out what my body needed to feel good.

During the summer down here, if I am active, 4 quarts seems to work well for me (sometimes more). Sounds like a gross amount of water, but you have to adjust to the climate.

Good luck.

I too am trying to drink more water. I've come to the conclusion that water is just boring but necessary. After increasing my water intake to 8 glasses a day, I too am going to the bathroom constantly.

Your body should adjust in approx. 30 days.

Give your body a chance to regulate the new found amounts of liquid in your body. Since you are not used to drinking that much water, your body's response is to immediately get rid of it. Your bladder has to also adjust b/c it's not used to housing that much water.

Our bodies are amazing and will continue to facinate you in the weirdest ways.

The Infamous Vinnie G
Your body is never going to fully "adjust" to drinking that amount of water. If you put a lot of water into your system, your kidneys will sense that your blood has become too thin, and they will automatically filter the excess water out of your bloodstream.

This becomes urine, and when your bladder gets half full, the nerves in your bladder tell your mind you have to pee. If you ignore it, that feeling will go away - for a little while.

Then your bladder gets completely full, the nerves send a more urgent signal to your brain that you have to pee NOW and your involuntary sphincther muscle releases.

Now, it takes a conscious effort for you to hold in your pee - you'll be straining your voluntary spinchter muscle to hold it in until you decide to go to the bathroom.

If you drink a lot, and you don't dehydrate yourself through sweating, you will pee a lot - that's just how it works.

So, as long as you're drinking a lot of water, stay close to the ladies room, or you will be seriously uncomfortable.

If your urine is clear every time, it will take about three days to fully hydrate all the tissues in your body. During this time you should expect to put on some weight (3-5 %). Don't look at this in a bad way. It's just weight you should have had all along. All the chemistry in your body happens in water. If the water gets saturated with waste products, the reactions slow down.

After the three day period, you can slow up a bit on the water consumption; so long as your urine remains clear - you are hydrated. After your tissue is hydrated, the only ways balance your water is to cut back on water intake, or do something to increase the output (ie sweat from increased exercise or urinate more).

While it is possible to drink too much water - it is rare. I have seen it under forced situations. What happens is the stomach lining is damaged (similar to how water logged hands ache). Usually, it only causes stomach ache and will make you throw up if you drink more.

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