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edward g
Should i sell my daughters Hockey Sticks on ebay because she is fat?
I feel as though her recent weight gain has made her undeserving of her hockey sticks of whicxh i bough her after she succeeded at the Jenny Craig bread and water diet.
ALSO she wets the bed frequently.

give her more insentatives, weight problems stem from bigger issues. she needs support, not any negative. Also those hockey sticks keep her excersizing. right. think about it, why do you want her to lose weight because you are embarrased or her health. If it her health then encourage her to use thos sticks. And she msy need some counceling if she is overeating and wetting the bed, but go easy- that may be the very thing that causes these things. remember positive reinforcement.

The Game
Your making yourself money
YET you might ruin her life

Nurse Susan
Get a life, gat some sleep, do your homework, get a job.
Pick one, little man.
Then turn in your keyboard.

Is this a serious question? If so the answer is NO! You should encourage her to use them and work out! Bread and water diet? That hardly sounds safe or healthy! Instead encourage a healthy, WELL ROUNDED, diet and also encourage her to work out... playing hockey is a great example! Selling her hockey sticks would only increase her "weight gain" because she would have less physical activity.

And what does bed wetting have to do with it?

I think you should sell your computer and use the cash to get yourself some professional help on how to be a parent..That will solve all your daughters' problems.You are 1 sick puppy.

Deity of Peace
For one, I think you may be the problem why she's gaining the weight and wetting the bed. There is no excuse for a father (regardless if your identity is un-disclosed) should be on line speaking about his daughter in such a negative manner.

Second, instead of selling her hockey sticks as punishment for the weight gain, why not trying to enroll her into a Jr hockey league to aid her in losing the weight and keeping it off. Get her involved in a sport that she will feel confident and comfortable playing, and encourage her to stick with it. Be that support she needs from a father (who should love and nurture his daughter) and boost her confidence to help her lose the weight.

Also, you might want to take her to the doctor and make sure that there isn't something wrong with her internally that's keeping her from losing the weight. People kill me how they think weight gain is contributed only to what people eat. There are a number of factors that contribute to obesity that can be controlled through the proper medical care.

And how dare you keep her on a diet of only bread and water. Don't you realize that when you deprive a body of food (or a lack of nutrients) the body will hold onto what ever fat it has stored as a defense against starvation. If she's hungry and don't eat lean meats, fruits, and veggies it will take what ever it can get and store it until it's burned off through a good work out. So get her active don't starve her!!

And you might want to look into talking to a shrink to see why you would be willing to torment your daughter over her weight. What's the matter, you never lived up to pop's expectations of what you should become, so you take it out on her? It sounds like you contribute to her problem with your way of thinking. Encourage, not discourage! Nerd...

And to think She has such a wonderful parent in you, No wonder She wets the bed, You smelly little troll you.

You're kidding, right? First of all, if your daughter is young enough to wet the bed, she shouldn't be on a diet. Second, if she's older and still wets the bed, she may have an infection and should be taken to see a doctor, soon. And third, Jenny Craig doesn't work. Jenny Craig sells food that''s chemically enhanced and treated to make people lose weight, but as soon as they get off the food, they gain all the weight back.

Answering your question, no, you should not sell her hockey sticks on ebay, you should get therapy for yourself. She's your daughter for goodness sake, and no matter what she looks like you should LOVE her.

I'll buy the hockey stick and whack it in your face! You're torturing your daughter man! Think!

Are you kidding? Your daughter deserves your love and support no matter what weight she is. She deserves a father who isn't cruel and obsessed with controlling every bite that goes into the poor kid's mouth.

Do NOT take away something that gives her enjoyment because she doesn't fit your standards of beauty or perfection or whatever.

let me raise her. i will show her what TRUE Unconditional love is

Take a step back and think this over rationally like a human being. What kind of message are you sending to your daughter if you sell the hockey sticks?

***pretty momma***
You are obviously an idiot! I am assuming this is a fake question and it is merely your pathetic attempt at getting attention...That hard up huh?

** If this is a real question then she is probably heavy because she has a jacka$$ for a parent..If you were my parent I would probably eat a lot too!

Should someone hit you in the mouth for calling your daughter names? hmmmm I think i would have problems too if I were your daughter ! Your the one that needs the Help! Your probably the reason she has gained weight and wets the bed! I hope your not doing other things to hurt her too!

Cold Heart
You have got to be kidding. I would turn to food as my friend too if you were my lousy parent. If I knew who you were, I would call DSS so fast your head would spend. And, just think about who gets to pick where you live when you are too old and too sick to pick for yourself??? Gee, maybe she will pick a great place where they forget to change your stinking diaper for a week! I hope you don't sell the hockey stick before she has a chance to beat you to a bloody pulp. I advise you to sleep with one eye open!!They need to bury you face down so you can have a head start!!!!

is this a joke? r u serious???? ur sick. get help.

coco rosie
You're unbelievable.

So let me get this straight - you think your daughter gained weight to spite you? You can't be serious. If she's old enough to be doing Jenny Craig and still wets the bed, then she probably has emotional problems and needs counseling. This doesn't surprise me, considering the unsympathetic tone of your question.

No I think you should get a life and get off the computer. Your must be pretty bored if you can't find a better hobby that posting crank posts on here.


dude, thats sooo not cool!saying all of that bad stuff about your daughter!....

sweet dreams
I think your part of her weight gain.

Maybe you should consider selling some of your stuff to pay for parental classes since its obvious you are the one in need of some help.

Not the best way to encourage your daughter to lose weight.

You aren't even funny. Get a life, please.

Best wishes.

RadTech - RT(R)
You sound like father of the year.

just go stick your head in a plastic bag, inhale, repeat.

What kind of an answer did you expect? Don't take this as a sign anyone cares about you.

Don't worry about your daughter and get yourself much needed mental help

Courtney G
you are so mean. why would you take something away from her that would help her stay healthy. and maybe she has a bladder problem. you should not be putting private stuff like that on the internet that is embarressing. you don't need to tell her she is fat you need to tell her she is beautiful she is your daughter and you need to encourage her you retard

Why don't you go out in the garage, close the door, start the car and sleep on it... Maybe the answer will come to ya.

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