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Gil A
Asma like condition from mold?
what kind of mold or bacteria causes Asama like condition and whats the best cure also is their any reference to see how Asama operates on the body

Mold can most definitley cause asthma symptoms and also pneumonia. We had mold that we didn't know about under the lining of a carpet when we first moved here 8 years ago and both my kids had pneumonia within the 1st six months of living here. Needless to say we ripped out that carpet, and we all have been fine! HOWEVER, last fall I cleaned out a closet that had a leak and was a bit moldy and I also got a pneumonia. Wear a mask ANY time you are cleaning something you know has mold!!!!

Most mold found in houses can cause Asthma.

Help For Sinus Infection
Black mold is dangerous and will surely cause your immune system to weaken considerably. When your immune system is weak, you can suffer from sinus infection and other ailments which can trigger asthma.

This is my story with toxic black mold:

Last year, I fell sick and was coughing badly. But the phlegm was not colored or stained. This went on for two months and the doctor told me she was a little worried even though she said my lungs were clear from listening through the stethoscope.

I then went for a chest x-ray and the result showed that my lungs were perfectly normal. Then all of a sudden, my throat went sore for a month and I kept getting a fever frequently. Antibiotics were prescribed to stop the infection. I recovered while I was on antibiotics. But once I finished the course, I will come down with a fever a few days later.

I was at wits end and the doctor told me to consult an ENT specialist. I explained to the specialist that I was sick for 5 months with on and off fever and sore throat.

The first thing he asked me was if there is black mold where I worked and I said yes. He immediately told me that I have to move to a place where there is no black mold because the building where I worked is a sick building.

The mold I breathed in caused my immune system to deteriorate and unable to fend off any infection. Those strong doses of antibiotics caused my system to be too dependent on them to fight an infection. The sore throat which have plagued me for months is thrush because all the good bacteria in my throat were destroyed by the strong antibiotics.

I subsequently requested my boss to put me in an environment where there is no mold so that I can recuperate. The ENT specialist taught me to irrigate my sinuses regularly so that in the event that I breathe in any mold, they are flushed out before they can cause any damage to my immune system.

Since I started nasal irrigation, I have not fallen ill once and feel strong and healthy without taking any more meds. I have no more coughs and never suffered from the common cold nor the influenza.

I understand what you are going through and if the mold is present in your home, you need to be extra careful. You may even need to invest in some equipment to kill the mold or remove them so that they cannot harm you anymore.

I would recommend you to read the following resources:

Nasal irrigation with a neti pot or a plastic syringe



Air purifiers to remove mold spores:


Hope this helps.

Black mold is especially dangerous.

Laurie K
Asthma cannot be "cured", it can be controlled however. The best source for information I've found is the American Lung Society, they've got the most comprehensive information around. As for what mold and bacteria can do to an asthmatic, the airways most likely will become irritated/inflamed and constricted, making it difficult to breathe - this will cause the "wheezing sensation" people talk about. It can be pretty scary to an asthmatic to get one of these attacks so the more information the person has at their disposal, the better. Please see your family physician for possible treatment and medication, don't take the "over-the-counter" medications until you've seen a professional.

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