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Johnathan Pritchard
I can't stop blinking my eyes.?
lately, for the past two days, i have been blinking soooo much. Like twice every second. Literally. It feels my eyes are cold, and there is constant blowing. Like its the feeling when you stick your head out of the window in the car. It might just be the cold. Because here in Wisconsin, it's like almost 0 degrees.

I've been using some OTC eye drops, that don't help at all. I found in my parents medicine cabinet some type of eye drops. I don't know if they are eyedrops though. THey seem strong. They are called Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Gramicidin Opthalmic Solution USP. I'm afraid to take it cuz i don't nkow what it is. I need some relief is all.

Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Gramicidin Opthalmic Solution USP are all used in combination to kill bacteria in bacterial eye infections, aka they are an antibiotic. Don't use them unless a doctor perscribed you do so. If you don't live near a doctor, go to a drug store and ask the pharmacist to help you.

There's a visine for that :)

regular guy
if you have used over the counter remedies and you still have the problem, you have to go to the next level which is to see a medical doctor.

I <3 Me
its all in your headstop thinking about it

Tabatha M
Don not use them , and go to the store and try a severe dry eye drops. they should help!

hapened to me it will go away

I æ„› Yaoi
You need to rest your eyes.

The medications are most likely something that has been prescribed for conjuctivitis(pink eye), or another eye infection. Are your eyes red, irritated, burning, producing mucous? If so~that's an infection. The drops might help, but you really should see your Dr. for your own proper prescription. If they are just dry, try some gel-based drops(over the counter). See your Dr. if it keeps up. Also, if you have no other symptoms, it could be a 'tick'. My son had this at age 5 for a brief period. It was a side effect from the Adderall he was on for his ADHD. The Dr. changed the medicine and the blinking stopped. Good luck.

arriyana m
u got to

city girl
go to the doctors

don't think about it

Your eyes are probably really dry because of the cold there isn't much moisture in the air
it's kinda like dry skin, only with your eyes... go to a local drug store and get some visine or clear eyes
or if it's too extreme, invest in a humidifier
anything with saline (usually eye drops) works too

i wouldn't suggest putting anything in your eyes unless you know what it is.... if you're going to try that stuff in your cabinet, make sure you have the # for poison control ready

I suggest you go to the hospital. It might help.

well if you think its very serious then go to the E.R!!! but if not make an appointment at the eye doctor!

trust me cuz i know these things
thats happened to me before. i never did figure out what it is. but i finally figured this out, and after a couple times it completely went away.

rub your hands together really fast. (or better yet hold them a couple inches above the stove to get them ever warmer.)

anyways then take you warm hands and lightly but firmly press on your closed eyes and hold for about 60 seconds. do this really often. also try staying off the computer and away from the tv for 2-3 days. it doesnt seem like it makes a difference but it does.

it might be the drops then again it could be in your mind. so try not to think about it. if you do it will probably get worse.

Sounds like you have a case of dry eyes. Regular Visine drops aren't going to help. You need something like Systane or Refresh. These will be in the same area as Visine, but these are specifically for dry eyes.

go to the doctor and stop messing in your parents medicine cabinet. and, if you are taking any kind of medication, or street drugs, stop. sounds like you are being photosensitive.

i also had problem from stop blinking my eyes, if u really want to stop it then u just stop thinking about it and close ur eyes for few minutes and relax,

definately go to the doctors. you would hate to let it get bad enough to where the damage (if any is being done) is not fixable.

better to be safe than sorry

Get checked by your general doctor. Do NOT use the eye drops. Your eyes are way too important to mess around with them.

my eyes get that way sometimes cuz of allergies. then again it could be like an ocd thing. either way dont take the drops u found, and if it keeps bothering u go to the doctors

I kind of had the same problem because i was constatnly blinking for no reason. I don't know if it was because i was nervous about something or what, but it eventually went away. I would also call your docter if it continues to do that for the next 3-5days.

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