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If you had broken your leg and your foot was itching how could you scratch it when you have a cast on?
Just interested to what you would do.....

George B
I'd send down my pet spider to scratch the itch and also eat all the dead skin cells that collect after a while - yum!

Well, actually you wouldn't be able to.

you can use antihistaminic and antıallergıc tablets ıt was been too relax to you

I used to use an old toothbrush.
Good luck with the healing!

there isn't much you can do, except try everything in the book, i used a wire coat hanger to reach that foot, it worked great, um.. but if its itching, it means its healing, so that's a good sign

The traditional way of scratching under a plaster cast is to use a knitting needle.

David H
With a knitting needle.

knitting neddle
or anything long that will get it the gap

well i atm have a broken arm and i use the end of a spoon or fork lol

hayley a
A ruler, a screwdriver anything that you could get down ther.

Its not possible to scratch the foot but if you use a ruler you can have a good leg scratch!

erm, thats a hard one lol! i think i would do the itching with a knitting needle i have heard that it really helps get into those knooks and crannies, gd luck lol!

a wire hanger worked for me

use a knitting needle

knitting needle

i found a 12inch plastic ruler worked best

Hit a brush on the bottom of your foot

I was going to say knitting needle...but hopefully my darling partner would do it for me...love has no boundaries !!

a wire hanger break it and then bend it.just stick it in the cast and relief

Not anything with a sharp point - if you scratch or cut the skin it would be unbearable inside the cast !!! The ideal thing is a chop stick xx

with a long piece of wire

put something that wont get stuck and that wont break into pieces up the cast to scratch oneself.

Stick a ruler down or a knitting needle if it fits

ask a stranger - good way to meet people and test their good will lol

nothing sharp...at all.....benidril?

when I broke my leg, I had a thin knitting needle I used to poke around inside the cast to sort out itches.

It wasnt brilliant, but it helped a bit.

Sexy Red
Right forget all what these people have said.You do not stick nothing at all down your cast especially knitting needles,this will scratch the skin,the skin will break and cause serious infections without you knowing,ive seen it and its aint nice,then there put on to anti-biotics for 7 days to treat the infection.I tell patients if they have a itch to tap the area with a spoon this normally helps.If not come bck to the plaster roon and get the cast changed.Some times people are allergic to the stockinette and cotton wool we use so we have to apply another brand for sensative skin.

Gethsemane Butler
Try a pencil eraser.

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