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How do i relive pain from spacers in teeth?
These things hurt like a mother is there anyway to make them not hurt so bad without drugs


Do You Feel
Sadly no. Oragel works though, it numbs the mouth. I absolutely HATE spacers. Girgling with warm salt water works a little bit.

eat/drink cold stuff. freezies, slushies, ice cream.

Pepper Shaker
nope, meds, ice.. and sleep.. I dunno when I had them I was so miserable I tried to sleep it off :-/

i know this sounds kind of stupid but i used to bite down on something real hard and it would take away the pain.. also try taking some ibprofien

You can use Ora Gel, it is over the counter and you apply it right to the gums were the spacer is. But I would talk to your dentist about the problem. The spacer should not be causing you that much pain. My 10 year old daughter has a spacer and when it hurt her, her dentist made an adjustment and no more pain. I would really get in to see your dentist.

Good Luck
Kali :-)

Nurse Practitioner

will Advil and Tylenol will obviously help, but drinking warm home-made salt water will help. Swish it around a bit. The pain will be gone completely in a couple days, don't worry/


dances with unicorns
Unfortunately, the only thing I know of is medication. If the dentist gave you any kind of pain killers (or if you happen to have them on hand from other things), use them! If he/she didn't, then you can at least take aspirin or ibuprofen; it can help you deal with at least a little bit of the swelling. Rinsing with warm salt water can also help, as can using a heating pad.

If the dentist didn't give you anything, I suggest calling them and asking them for something to be sent to the pharmacy. That was one of the most unpleasant things about getting braces!

Hang in there!

Do you have any whole cloves in your spice rack or kitchen cupboards? I don't know what "spacers" are but whenever I have a toothache, I like to get a whole clove and put it in my mouth by the sore tooth and the strong clove numbs the area after a while w/o drugs and w/o irritation. I also heard from someone that concentrated clove oil is sold sometimes for this purpose but haven't seen it in the store ever myself. (when using the whole clove I usually scrape a little of the outer layer of the clove off before putting it in my mouth, just to get down to the stronger more potent center for faster numbing.)

Amanda Lane
take motrin, use sensodyne toothpaste, use anbesol (otc numbing gel for the mouth, put it on your teeth and gums). guess two of those are drugs. drugs are the way to go with this one. maybe warm or cool drinks? whichever feels better.

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