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 It has been 5 days, and where my wisdom tooth was is still bleeding. Help?
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Kevin Plus
Do all cavities need to be filled?

yes of course if you want to save your teeth. or if you dont like wearing dentures in the near future. YOU SHOULD! now go to the dentist near ya. and save your teeth! :D

of course yes or you may wake up on a pain make you prefer to lose your tooth

if you dont then it will get bigger and u will have to have a root canal, but if you have a "borderline" then they can do a really easy and fast procedure, you dont even need freezing. but the longer you wait the worse and more expensive it getrs


gary j
guy is a perv . wake up ladies!

Crazy Sherm is right. If it is very small, try a high fluoride rinse to help remineralize the enamel and arrest the cavity. Try to limit your sugar intake, and you might be okay. otherwise, it'll probably grow and you'll need to have it filled.

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

Cavities (i.e. tooth decay) itself doesn't need to be filled. What needs to be filled is the bigger hole your dentist makes in your tooth as he/she removes the decayed and infected tooth structure. We do this to 1. restore proper form and function to the tooth, and 2. to protect the nerve, and 3. not leave a place where more food and plaque and bacteria can get caught.

If by some chance we remove the decay and we find that what's left is a small hole that is anatomically sound, shallow enough to not let the nerve be stimulated by heat and cold, and not prone to being a plaque and bacterial trap, then we won't put a filling in it. This scenario, of course, is exceedingly rare.

If the cavity is really really small and only in enamel, you have the chance or remineralizing the lost enamel with fluoride, calcium, and phosphate treatment. However, it's very hard to even see such small cavities and usually can only be felt with an explorer. So if you can actually see it, more than likely it has gotten into dentin and will need to be cleaned out and filled. Not filling it will result in added decay and possible root canal or tooth loss.

Yes, they will just keep getting bigger if you don't get them filled.

Yes. If you don't they just get bigger and bigger, until a crown or a root canal is needed to save the tooth.

Also, if you don't care for your teeth, bacteria courses through the body and damages your organs. (worse case)

Yes all dental cavities need to be filled. Other types of cavities you can fill at your own discretion.

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