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they kinda like burn from time to time too, and when it burns, tears come out since its burning so much.
what should i do??

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 My eyes are two different sizes?
i have asian eyes and my right eye seem to be bigger than my left. its like the crease on my left eye fold in more? im not really sure how to explain it but it looks similar to this..


Why do my eyes keep getting jittery/bouncy?
it's happening more and more often. heard it could be lack of calcium, but it's so un-nerving, i'm scared i have a tumor behind my eyes!! please help

Well one thing is for certain... to get this diagnosed properly you need to see an eye doctor!
From your description it sounds like you may have a condition called nystagmus!
Nystagmus is an involuntary rhythmic shaking or wobbling of the eyes (side to side, up and down, rotating and/or oscillating) and can have many causes such as an underlying ocular or neurological disorder. There are over 45 types of nystagmus and MANY underlying causes some of them serious and some are not! Even nutritional deficiencies, usually in magnesium or thiamin can play a role in some cases of nystagmus!
It is important to see a doctor for a diagnosis and if it is nystagmus they will have to determine the underlying cause and treat it accordingly!
Good luck :)

that happens to me a lot... I don't think anything is wrong it happens to some of my other muscles sometimes. I think it is like a brief muscle spasm or something...

Tom Graphics
You need to contact your Medical Doctor..could be something serious

it could be anything id get to a Dr immediately

It sounds like you may have nystagmus or some ocular muscle spasm. This needs to be evaluated by an eye doctor for a correct diagnosis.

I work in an ophthalmology group, and a lot of the time nystagmus is unnerving and can be caused by a variety of things: facial nerve spasms, ocular muscle spasms, and at times, more serious nervous system conditions.

If you have any pain, sudden loss of vision, double vision, get to an eye doctor ASAP. I would make an appointment this week to have this evaluated and to get some treatment options, or referrals if necessary, to a specialist trained in evaluating nystagmus. The specialists in my office who see the most nystagmus cases are neuro-ophthalmologists and strabismus surgeons. They have ways of measuring the type and quality of nystagmus and have quite a few options available out there for treatments.

As for lack of calcium, I haven't heard of any mineral deficiencies being connected, but I'm not a physician, so that would be a great question for your eye doctor. I do know that some medications have been linked to causing nystagmus, so take your medication list with you to your appointment, including dosages and how frequently you take it.

Good luck and make that appointment this week. 1) It will help settle your mind and 2) you can start getting treatment and learn how to control your nystagmus.

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