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Can someone give me some words of encouragement please!!!?
I feel so depressed. I have no interest in anything. Nothing really significant happened to bring on this depression, but I have felt like this for about 2 months now. All I want to do is sleep, but even if I sleep 12 hours a night, I still feel tired. I have tried to do things right, like joining a gym, changing my diet, going out and trying to meet people,etc.. But I just don't feel motivated to do anything, go to work, eat, talk to people, even smile. I hate doctors, every time I see a doctor for anything, they just brush me and my problems off like they are insignificant. I don't have any friends, only my sisters, and they are so perfect. When I try to talk to them about my problems, they act like they don't care. I know I need to see a doctor for this, but I just don't have the time or the will. Has anyone ever felt like this, and can anyone offer any advice?
Additional Details
To Jenni Talls, you sound immature and rude. If you don't have an answer to a legitimate problem for someone, don't respond. You are not important and no one wants to hear from you.

You sound like the makings of a great artist. Share your emotions with the world....paint a picture, write a children's story, try to sew together something, draw a picture of a picture, try photography. Beauty is all around, don't expect it to come to you- find it!


pretend your a dog, wag your tail and sniff things, then growl at the mailman. this is what you need. thanz buh buh.....

You are assuming you are depressed, have you had any blood work done to see if you are anemic? Anemia is a blood disorder that can have all the signs of depression. You have the classic signs of being anemic. Please don't rule this out, have it checked.At least you will know which it is! See a doctor you have never seen before if you need to.

You have the interest to ask a question so take it from there,you are interested in this so it hasn't taken you over yet...beat it to the punch! If it's depression only you can get help for yourself...your problems are not insignificant, but it sounds like you need to do for you !!! If your sisters are so perfect then why haven't they intervined to try to help you? I'll pray for you and in the meantime check to see if you are anemic!!! Smile I see there are alot people concerned enough to answer you!

To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world, you may not see it right now, but you are important, and you are loved.

Oh my God you sound so boring. Get a life.

Nothing has to happen in you life for depression to come on. It is caused by chemical imbalances in your brain.
I understand not wanting to see a doctor, however, I doubt you want things to get any worse, which might happen if you don't get treatment. If you are in school, high school or college, try speaking with a counselor. The service is free and sometimes just talking to an objective person can put things in perspective and help you decide what to do. While there are online therapy groups, I think face-to-face interaction with others is going to give you the most help. I know you said you are not hungry, but studies are showing that a diet rich in omega fatty acids (salmon, walnuts, flax) can help alleviate symptoms of depression. Try to include these foods in your diet or take a fish or flax oil supplement twice a day.
Understand that no matter what approach you take, changes won't happen over night. Unfortunately, it is a long process.

you say you don't have time for the doctor but you sleep 12 hours a day. if you really wanta change get up early one day and go to the doctor. you could have low blood... you gotta make the move no ones gonna come drag you out of bed..

GOD loves you. PRAYER CHANGES. I went through a period of depression and i know its not a joke. You have to praise your way through it. Just think about the goodness of GOD

As much as you dislike going to see your doctor, I think you're probably going to have to. If you go see your doctor you're already one step closer to getting better. If you've been that down for 2 months and things aren't getting any better then they'll probably put you on some sort of mild anti-depressant to start and if they do, then trust me, you will start feeling better and be able to enjoy life again. Hope this helps a little bit but the bottom line is that you there's help out there for you so you don't have to go on feeling the way you do.

First of all, know that God loves you and he is very interested in you. Once you feel confident of that and believe in Jesus, I would relate to him all of your negative emotions in these ways.

Petition - I ask him for needs in my life
Thanksgiving - I thank him for all of the good things he has done for me
Forgiveness - I think about the people that have affected me negatively and tell Him that I forgive them and ask Him to help them not to do those things again.
Intercession - I pray for people I know that have needs.


God knows what you are going through and he is there to comfort you. I deal with the same issues every single day of my life. I suffer deeply from Depression, Anxiety and frequent Panic Disorder. I refuse to put toxins into my body and have found out for myself that medications do not work for me. I pray and ask Jesus to help me. Medications do not make life easier. Sitting in the sun, eating nutritious foods, using herbal remedies, exercising and a relationship with Jesus will help you more than any medication. This is my opinion and my way of choosing to manage my disease.

I'm married to a very loving; understanding husband and very loving eleven-year-old son whom I home school everyday. I fight just to get out of bed, never mind having to educate a child. Making a cup of coffee for myself is like trying to run a hundred mile marathon. It’s so tough I can barely do it. This is with every little task that I have to complete throughout my day. I have a fourteen-hour day, with many tasks to complete.

Depression is no different than any other disease. People try to make it seem as though it's something that you can just snap yourself out of, because they can’t see it and think that it’s not really as bad as you make it to seem. Non-educated people really don’t understand how bad you suffer from this disabling and crippling condition.

Depression doesn’t not discriminate. It’s doesn’t care if you are black or white, poor or rich. Do not surround yourself with such ignorant and insensitive people. Surround yourself with people who are familiar with the condition. Doesn’t matter if its people in a support group, online etc. You can also talk to God and ask him to help you. He hears you, feels your pain and loves you very much. He is always with you.

Unfortunately there is no cure for depression. You have to find a method that works for you, such as diet, exercise etc. Making changes will help to manage your symptoms. I deal with the same dilemma. Some days, I physically have no strength or energy to get myself up to do anything, even if I was mentally motivated. I continue to pray, love my husband, educate my son, eat healthy, exercise, be thankful and praise God for the day I’m living.

I just take it one day at a time. Some days are worse than others, where I cry to God and ask him why I am suffering so much. Other day’s I am able to praise God for all the wonderful works and blessings he is doing in my life that I am able to enjoy THAT DAY. Every day brings on new challenges and growth. We all have to continue on our path of life regardless of the struggles we encounter.

Every one of us has baggage that we are carrying. For some, the signs of suffering from a disabling condition are visible and people see the marks to which you are suffering. For others like us, no one sees. Our disease is not visible. This does not mean we are any less than anyone else who has a common visible physical disease. It just means that we have to educate people around us about our condition, for them to be aware, knowledgeable, sensitive and sympathetic to our needs. This will prevent them from telling us to snap out of it.

May God bless all of us who suffer in silence, In Jesus Name I Pray..Amen.

Girl I know how you feel ,I know you don't like DR's I been there but you at least need to see a therapist .it helps having someone to talk to . for me reading helps .a good book being in someone else world ,even through it was only mentally .it felt good for the moment .but it might be what they call clinical depression and only meds could help since you said ,nothing brought this on ,try prayer too ,if you believe in a higher power

some of you people with your comments were really rude ,if you don't have nothing nice to say ,don't say nothing at all.your parents should have taught you that

I really fell for you because I am in the same boat!. Doctors are so uncaring now and it is hard to find anyone who takes you seriously. Try to start getting out and doing something, anything that would make you feel better. There are some natural remedies for depression or you can find some doctors who can be compassionate. It is hard to pull out of this situation, but you need to or you will miss out on everything in life. I try to concentrate on the few things that do make me happy! Good luck!

Please make the time! Find a therapist that WILL LISTEN. I really feel for you,the only way to feel better is to be be strong when you don't feel strong,put one foot in front of the other,take small steps and I promise it will get better.
Don't worry about people being perfect,NOONE IS! Do see a dr. I felt this way for 3 years,it does get beter,but you have to seek help or counseling. I know I did. Good Luck!!

Don't worry about it. Really. The world is crap, and its full of idiots. Just get used to that fact, and everthing else will make more sense.

We all have bad days, where we feel worse than usual.

I found a great way was to NOT look forward to anything. That way, very little is a disappointment, and when something truly nice happens, it was unexpected, which makes ti even nicer.

Most people are just full of 2h1t. Ignore them, and do what you think is right. Try going for a walk somewhere were there are no people, just nature. Sit and look. Breathe.

Do something to make someone else's misery a bit more tolerable. I used to take an old blind lady shopping. It made me happier than any of the other crap I used to do at the time. Helping other people can do you wonders.

You'll be OK.

Hmm i wouldn't know but atleast knowother people feel like this to there's nothing wrong with you. If you ever feel like talking to someone im willing to listen just cause I sometimes feel the same way. Feel free to e-mail me whenever but please don't ask me for advice because only you can figure this out

add me to ur yahoo messenger and talk to me... i promise u tht u would fel better..

SK8TERGURL~1~NOT~ 2/davesslave
You do indeed sound depressed, but you could have a physical reason also.
your best bet is to go to as many doctors as it takes till you get the help you need.
I had to go to 5 doctors to get a problem solved several years ago.
If the first doctor had figured it out it would of saved me 2 years of worry and a operation that could of most likely been avoided.

all you f**kers who left nasty comments, go f*** a dog in the a**!

anyways, find someone to talk to. someone who cares. try praying. there is medicine for crap like this. One of my best-friends is depressed, and for no particular reason. DON'T THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY! It is just dumb! if you believe in God, then this is a trial you have to go throw (sounds like crap, I know, but bear with me). You should definitely see a doctor, and find one who does care. They do, because they wanted to do that job.

I will pray for you, and God bless!

I can only offer this Chinese proverb:

If it has a remedy, why do you complain?
If it has no remedy, why do you complain?

I was depressed some years ago and I found encouragement and solace in Oriental wisdom. Buddhism, Confucionism, Taoism. Things like: forget about the past, ignore the future, concentrate on the present moment.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Blonde or dark, pretty or ugly, tall or short, be assured of one thing: there is no one, really NO ONE like you in this whole wide world. You are unique and therefore IRREPLACEABLE.

You're one of a kind, in that lies your beauty and value. In this wondrously big COSMOS there's nobody like you! Just you! So be kind to yourself.. Good Luck honey!

You already know you need to see a doctor. That's the best advice. Find the time. It will be worth it.

I help my friends with depression,and I have experienced it, if you'd like you can e-mail me. I'll try and help you through it. We can talk some more then. :) I like your yahoo answers name, and your avatar is pretty.

life is rough so write the poem. they made me feel better.

it seem that u need somebody that really listen. but it's very common among american. try take vacation in Colorado, in the mountain. Rocky Mountain rage are full of magic.

The best way of getting rid of deppresion is to actually help others, even though you don't feel like.

Outside there, there are people with paralysis, abandoned kids, pets, (don't know, what you prefer!) etc that are really needing help. Not just money, but hands to support.

When you focus in helping others your sense of service is growing, and you'll find yourself touched by a great sense of community and support

Meditate and make a list of all the things you have to be thankful for.

Everyone gets a cold or the flu at some point right? Sometimes that cold/flu lasts a few days... sometimes it lasts a few weeks. What makes people assume you wouldn't have a mental illness now and then too? A sort of motivational flu , something in the mind that makes us whiny, lethargic, unmotivated, depressed, etc? Its normal I think to go through this at least once in a while. Treat yourself like you're sick. Eat well, rest enough, but not too much. Occupy your mind and body as best as you can.

Understand that it is better to have one or two GOOD friends that care than 50 that are just sort of acquaintances that don't stick around when things are not their best. Don't compare yourself to others. You are the architect of your own happiness. Build up yourself based on whatever you do enjoy. Others may help, but in the end it is you that brings you out of this. Like a cold, you need to build up antibodies. In this case, the antibodies are positive thought and small doses of motivation and reacquainting yourself with the things you enjoy. Where as someone you know might get over this sort of thing in a few days, it might take you much longer. But you will. So don't compare yourself to others.

If thoughts get to the point where you think you're actually harming yourself in a very long term way, then you HAVE to see a doctor. Sometimes we need medical help. Mom's chicken soup doesn't cure everything. Also, if some people get addicted to exercise and the feel good endorphins released during such things... why wouldn't some get addicted to their own depression and misery? Maybe you're staying this way because it is comfortable. Its become a sort of crutch for you to lean on and explain anything bad in your life with. Take care of the addiction to your own misery.

How? Doctors, psychologists, or just this... relating to other people who suffer or are going through the same things. There is no methadone clinic for addiction to your own miserable thoughts unfortunately. But that doesn't mean you can't kick the addiction. Remember what makes you great. What makes you feel great. What makes you happy. Not a person, or a place, but what you were doing and thinking then... and really try to understand why. I think you'll see eventually it was your own doing.

There is nothing you can't overcome or tolerate or deal with in life. Don't be afraid to ask for help, don't be disappointed if you don't get it right away. Sometimes the help you really need, is already within you.

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