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the Bruja is back
How would i know if i had punctured my lung?
last night i was running, i came back, and going in hte house, i sometimes press into my belly ( like 2 inches below the breasts ) , and it was pretty hard pressing, so that it hurt. i mena not a whole lot. but just signifc9iantly you know. and then i went in the house. and like a minute later, i thougth hey wait waht fi i hurt myself, i'm not sure if htat thought came after or before i started having trouble breathing. i am an asmatic and hte trouble breathign coudl hvae been from the run. but it didnt go away all night. i had some medium sharp pains ( kinda like heart burn ) lasst night. i went to sleep. could only breathe normally while lying on my stomach/ chest. woke up this morning and stil lhaving trouble. no pain though. waht do you think is wrong? i tried 2 puffs of advair discus. and its not working. but i have been panicing a bit. wahtdo you think is wrong? is it all in my head or could i be in serious medical trouble? please knowledgable peopel only

Daniel A
There are different degrees of a punctured lung. it is possible that you have punctured your lung. However there would most likely either need to be a penetrating trauma OR a broken rib that has punctured the lung. While you described medium sharp pains, it doesnt necessarily sound like a broken rib. The broken rib would be immensely painful it it was broken enough to puncture the lung. However because of your concern I would recommend going in to the ER because it is better safe than sorry. I hope this helps

andrew h
go and get a check up from the doctor or hospital nearest you do no delay

umm the first one made me laugh,but i think you should go to a doctor

Tiffany J
well, you'd be dead idiot

I C The World in Black and White
Well, you'd probably be dead already. But still go to the doctor. God does it really take someone to tell you to go to the doctor?

Mama Bear
First of all, something would have had to have punctured it.
Is there a bullet hole or knife or something hanging out of you?
If not, you probably worked your lungs a bit too hard and should start slowly next time, building them up just like a muscle until you are in shape for hard, long running.

Dawnie midwife uk
Sudden shortness of breath and pain felt in the chest are classic symptoms that warrant immediate medical referral. I doubt you have a punctured a lung from running though.

Incidentally, your spelling is more of a concern than your possible punctured lung

Hey it's Ken!
Wow, these people are harsh!

Basically, if you punctured your lung, air would build up in your pleural cavity (it's an extra area around your lungs). Did you ever watch the move "Three Kings" with George Clooney, Ice Cube, and Mark Wahlberg? Remember when Marky Mark's character punctured his lung? George Clooney's character put in that release valve to release the pressure. Basically it was like he couldn't exhale properly so air just built up in his lung

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