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Zarina K
What to eat if you are feeling shakey/faint?
Hi, I have a feeling that I'm not eating enough to satisfy my body since I have increase my activity level.
Is there a good food that will help me not feel shakey/faint during the day that won't sabotage my diet?

Perhaps fresh fruit or shoud I try some carbs?

keep some juice boxes (single serving size) on hand for those times you feel faint, Orange juice works best.

Your sugar lovel may be unstable some fresh fruit would be good or maybe just a small sweet snack but it needs to be something that will get the sugar into your blood stream fast.

Tiffany G
fruit is good or try some saltine crackers. Both of these things slowly break down into sugar by way of your pancreas and this will keep you from feeling weak and dizzy.

This sounds like a blood sugar level drop.Check with your nutritionist, but new tendencies say you should be eating 5 light meals a day. You can try "slow" sugar foods such as bread, cereal, grains (without sugar). Don´t take "fast" sugar (candies, soda, etc.) cause it can create a reaction lowering the blood sugar level and making you crave for more sugar.

If you are to the point where you feel faint, that is yoru body telling you there is not enough fuel for normal functioning. You should eat some protein for long lasting satisfaction--nuts, lean meats, fish...

try some protein, the energy will last longer becuase it takes longer to digest and it will make you feel full longer. If you eat the wrong carbs then you will get a sugar rush and left feeling hungry again soon.

happyday to you
you could be low sugar...i eat a bit of sugar for this.

I get this feeling quite a bit due to a blood sugar imbalance and low blood pressure. For me, I try to avoid sugar - especially processed sugar. That will only exaccerbate the problem. I try to eat some form of protein, such as cheese sticks, an egg or two, refried beans, or even a small hamburger along with some water (no soda, juice or coffee). It usually snaps me out of it quickly.

However I strongly recommend that you consult a doctor and determine what is going on. You may have a low blood sugar condition (hypoglycemia), a thyroid disorder or even onset diabetes. He may recommend a solution that is counterintuitive or even medication to fix the problem.

Any advice you get here, may work for us, but your condition may be different and unique and there's no way people here (myself included) can correctly diagnose your problem. Your health and safety along with those around you depend on you getting this resolved professionally.

definately carbs, because it sounds like you're just not eating enough to keep up your blood sugar... and your body is also probably not used to the increased activity levels. a multi vitamin is a good idea to take every day and eat every four or five hours.

Tonya B
Peanut butter crackers

maybe eating something with more protien might be helpful. Try some healthy granolla bars. If you need something to just keep you from fainting that is great without ruining your normal meals.

Jones S
Oranges or orange juice is good. It will bring your sugar up and make you feel less shaky.

If you are feeling shaky or faint that you are obviously not getting much of anything to eat.
Ditch your diet, eat a pie and go see a doctor who will put you on a *sensible* eating plan.

strawberries is good for them symtoms

thomas m
Are you diabetic? Fruit juice, some crackers..that is if you do not have a sugar problem.

Feeling shakey of faint may be a sugar issue. You could try to eat oranges, the sugar and juice get into your system fast, and the body will react beter and faster then if you ate a candy bar.

Edward W
you just need to eat more food It don't matter what.

just incorporate a healthy snack in between meals and at bedtime to avoid low blood sugars. healthy snacks: fruits, veggies, etc. good luck.

I recommend trying bananas. Fast energy, good carbs, very low on calories, and they taste pretty good too!

Definitely fruit as you need sugar in the body for energy that's why you are shaking. Seek medical advice if it carries on.

Angel Eve
Protein is probably your best bet. If you are worried about calories- try soup at hand in chicken noodle. 80 calories and delish!

mix a small amount of protein and carbs. like a banana and string cheese.

When diabetics tend toward low blood sugar levels and get shaky and light headed they are usually given orange juice. It helps bring sugar levels up without going overboard. ;-)=

My standby is a piece of whole grain wheat toast with peanut butter.

Iv'e alway tried a peanutbutter & jelly sandwich, or peanutbutter & banana works better. It's quick to fix, definintely gets rid of the jitters.

Scott F
The shaky/faint feeling is your blood sugar dropping too low. My diabetic friends and relatives say that the best thing to do when you feel this shakiness is to have a glass of orange juice -- 6 or 8 ounces will be fine. Orange juice, they tell me, gets sugar into your blood quickly, while lowering the risk of getting TOO much sugar as you would from soda or candy. Eating an orange will have a similar effect.

You might also want to change your overall diet to include more protein as well as complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, etc.) In particular, have something early in the day -- try a bowl of yogurt with granola on it, as it'll give you protein and carbohydrates all at the same time and it's delicious.

Pieces of Me ...
I find that if I feel like that (especially if taking diet pills) drinking milk usually helps. I don't know if it's because it's heavy or what but it works for me.

well if you are feeling really bad, a spoonful of peanut butter works, and they make reduced fat peanut butter. It won't hurt you, but will help you feel MUCH better. Just remember to restrict yourself to only when you are feeling bad. Also, FYI, when dieting if your body is not receiving all the nutrients it needs you may become irritible.

How much sugar do you take in? If you're trying to cut your sugars down to almost nothing (that includes carbs), that could be it.

You say you're active; are you drinking enough water? Getting too dehydrated will definately cause faintness.

You can try snacking on anything to help, but don't have a meal. You shouldn't eat when you're not hungry. It won't help anything.

If you have a family history of anything with such symptoms (such as diabetes), you should talk to your doctor.

Personally, I would recommend protein - nuts, hard boiled egg, tuna fish. I get shaky and faint if I don't eat at regular intervals and then I need something handy that i don't have to cook - I choose trail mix with M&Ms in it.


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