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lauren c
I am 13 and i am 5foot 4 and i weigh 160. am i fat?
i just want to know

i checked on this BMi thing that tell if your fat or not you and you can check

look up your BMI...Body Mass Index. Any other answer is just a guess...and if you want to know "Do I Look Fat?" we have never seen you...ask someone close to your or your friends.
Yes, the mirror lies!

PS: You know...not everyone is meant to be a model...it does not mean they are Ugly...Being heavy is not a sin.
I hear some of these comments and think that some poeple have an unrealistic view of how THEY look in others eyes!
ITs not just weight...its the entire package!

Im 5'6 and 140

It depends on your shape, but otherwise, I am only trying to be a bit honest here, you are a litttle bit over weight. I am not saying you should go all anorexic, because that is not at all the path to take. I think you just need a little excercise also.

i think it depends on your build, if that helps.

I am wide at the hips yet thin on the upper body.

5'7" and 134 pounds.

Remember, love your self enough to excercise and eat healthy!!!

Kim K
a little chubby. i weigh 155 and im 5'8" and im 13

you're body mass index is "over."
so.... yeah.

Well it just depends on how u look and how u feel abotu ureself.. Do people talk about u?? If sooo just think about eating healthier and avoid ure problems thats making u feel fat.. I mean i am 13 but i am not the tallest.. I am about 5 ft and i weigh 115.

Hope my answer helps

im not really sure. If you really want to know, then go to a doctor and ask him if your overweight. Thats really the only way to know for sure. Don't listen to people who tell you your fat, if you like your body, keep it. If the doctor tells you that you are slightly overweight then ask him tips to lose weight and when you should stop loosing weight. Be happy with your body, decide of you like it, (be realistic) if you don't, change it up until the point that you look great. (In your opinion, not to make others happy)

yup, but there are some things u can do about it!

its not a trick.it really helped me mange ,my weight. im 16 and weighed 180 but now i way 120! IM NORMAL. and you can be too. don't worry about what people say to you. i was in this postion once. soo keep ur chin up hun. u'll lose the weight if u use the special tips on yspace. its the best thing that has ever happened to me.
i wish you the best of luck :]]]]]]

love kenndrawww...


Yes, unfortunately, you are overweight. Don't worry, you're only 13. Some of it could be baby fat, but try to get involved in a sport and just go out for walks/jogs whenever you have free time. Also, don't eat after 7 PM. I swear it really helps. Eat healthy and don't eat unhealthy snacks. Especially not between meals. Also, try to keep your portion sizes smaller. Good luck!

umm not really kinda in between :]

Pizza Eating Ganesh
no you're not fat, don't think that. that's a decent weight but get (or stay) in shape by doing all the exercising and practicing of healthy habits

Yes overweight is 25 and above and you are in the middle at 27.7 for your BMI. You do need to lose some weight, but don't fret. It isn't the end of the world. Just cutting down on your portions, eating more fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats, and cutting out the junk and carbs. No soda!! That will make you gain so much weight. Drink plenty of water and get out and walk. Walking is one of the best exercises. get your heartbeat up a little to help burn off those calories and soon you will be on your way to losing weight and being more healthy.

Mike S
Yes, but the great thing is that you can change it.

Ashley W
The average weight of a 13 year old girl your height is 115-125 pounds but dont worry it doesnt matter what you look like all that matters is how you act toward people, thats what gets you farther in life :) I was in fifth grade and i weighed 100 pounds but you tend to skinny up as you get older. I am 20 years old now 5'1 and i weigh 105. Dont worry its just a part of growing up everyone seems to have a chubby stage. Your fine hun

Col. Oliver North for President
idk, is it mostly muscle and fat, but you are probably overweight, still dont worry about it. Skinny is a stereotyope for beauty. Whatever you do, do NOT stop eating and become anorexic or something.

ME TOO but i weigh 163!!!

lys j
well i hate to say this, but you are overweight. that is not a healthy place to be. try going to google and typing in medical weight height chart. you'll get a bunch of charts that will show you what you are supposed to weigh.

KEL <3
well you may be a little over weight.
but some people way more because they are bigger boned or they have alot of muscle!

muscle ways more than fat!

pretty much yeah...

for your age, i dont think so. it could be babyfat and at your age you need all the "fat" you have for proper maturation when you grow older.
focus on your health. a good hip to waist ratio is important. meaning an hourglass figure is more important than the overall weight.

Yeah just lose 10-15 lbs and you'll be healthy.

You are whatever you think you are, if someone messing wit ya at school. Knock em straight out. But to mee it sounds like you are just the plump type. Personally I can't stand the skinny type and like a little big. I dont think you're fat, just thick in a good way. SKINNY WOMEN ARE EVIL


no, you're still growing, it will even out.

Jacee Giff
well i cant see you right now, but i dont think you are. just a little over weight. never call yourself fat. say, Hefty, or something like that! hope i helped!

Louie Liverlips
yes. Eat less Chunky Munky and more vegetables.

Get off Y!A and go run around.

Nope! Be happy with who you are ;-) You're still very young, and much of the weight you're retaining is a result of puberty. Just try to eat healthy, and exercise!
I'm 5'4 and 100 pounds I feel extremely underweight; we all want what we don't have!

Alan W

27.5 BMI

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

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