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Can you get drunk taking alcohol anally and would there be any calorie intake ?

Brittney (formerly Mrs Manning)
there is only one way to find out....
thats a pretty bizarre question

Are you crazy?

No, and no. Also, you could seriously damage your intestines/anus, so it is really not worth considering.

I can't answer that...that is gross to even think of...sorry...

Yes you can get drunk taking alcohol anally I would know beacause I tried it in college.But the good thing is there is no calorie intake.

Straight Shooter
yes, the rectum is very vascular and alcohol is readily absorbed. I can't say for sure about the calories, first thought is that the calories wouldn't be absorbed, or less than if taken orally.

Sunday's Best
I don't think anyone with their right mind does this nor would think of this question.

i dont advice that it be taken that way and im sure you couldnt get drunk ...you would just fart it out

Yes. But why would you?

I don't know, but I REALLY want to party with you! : )


Green Tea Turtle Baby
Why would you want to?

Richard B
Never do this. You could do serious damage to the tissues in that area. You could also die from such a dumb thing.

Actually yes and yes

Yes and yes - drunk is brain being affected by alcohol in the blood stream and calories is energy being burned off.

Yes, because as.sholes have tongues and teeth.

Chris W
yes u actually get it faster and yes
its across a mucus membrane
absorbs alcohol into the blood stream
youd be drunk in one bottle
and yes
calories are still there

yes, and depends on the calorie content of what you squirt up there, and if it stays long enough to get absorbed before you release your "a little captain in you" enema. the alcohol will absorb quickly through the intestinal wall. sugar, much more slowly.

I take it you have read the recent Darwin awards where a man died doing this. I don't know the answer but I do know that it wouldn't be very sociable to do this in the pub.

Yes you can get drunk, and yes there are still calories, as it is still being absorbed into your system. The people that are telling you it's dangerous are right on the money. First of all, you have to be very careful when giving enemas, as there can be serious consequences due to your electrolyte balance. There is also a nerve called the vagalvagus that can cause a heart attack if it is stimulated in certain ways. If you're that worried about calories, drink light beer, or mix alcohol with diet soda. Do not put it in your rectum.

in kindergarten, were you that little girl who would stick her finger into an electrical outlet because "tommy told you it would turn you into chocolate"?

YES. It can kill you. There was a story of a woman giving her husband an alcohol enema (I think he had stomach problems or something) and he died. But probably in small amounts it is relatively safe.
But it's not safe to drive while you are giving yourself an enema. :-)
My half-assed guess is that you wouldn't intake "calories" as such. But one of the colon's jobs is to recover water in your intestines, and alcohol and caffeine (yes, coffee enemas) and certain medications (suppositories) definitely pass through also.

The practice you refer to is called "brinking" and it is insanely dangerous.

Besides the obvious possible tissue and rectal muscle damage, you need to know that alcohol taken in digestively is filtered before it hits the bloodstream. If it is absorbed without going through the body's natural filters (the liver and kidneys), your BAC increases exponentially faster than when alcohol is taken in orally. A BAC of over 3 can kill you, and 1 shot is capable of doing so via brinking.

Yes and Yes but I don't think you'll throw up there when you get real drunk.

Yes, yes and dangerous!

Dad's found yer scoo'er
That's an output port. Use the input port under your nose for alchohol..

wow, this one takes the cake.

I hope you are drunk by the time you do that. Nasty!!! why would you do something like that??

Wha? What the hell?!

keith h
Yes, the tissue in your lower intestine is porous, mainly to remove water from feces. " the large intestine is mainly concerned with the absorption of water from digested material (which is regulated by the hypothalamus), the reabsorption of sodium, as well as any nutrients that may have escaped primary digestion in the ileum." (wikipedia)

Due to the fact you absorb water though this tissue you can also absorb alcohol though it. You will get drunk quickly as the lower intestine absorbs fluid faster then your stomach. The alcohol goes almost directly into your blood stream.

I've heard it's sugested to use beer rather then hard varieties as it can be deadly! In 2005 an article from Reuters notes that a wife gave sherry to her husband anally and later died. I haven't found any solid stories on this other then the Reuters article, and hearsay from college humor sites.

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