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Why are some people more shy than others?
Is it self-esteem problems from child hood and their peers or is it just the way they are?

Coming from shy person other people aren't that shy.. I can say this because, my nickname is Shi and other people don't act the same way as me so this is what I think

It is probably a bit of both!

Some people are just slightly less confident or feel that they do not know you well enough to just come out and talk to you right away. They like feeling more comfortable with the situation first.

Maybe, if you are very attractive, guys will be shy at first also. That is ok. If you are interested in them and show your interest, they will open up easier and make it more funt o communicate with them.

id say both

Im a quiet person and its just the way I am. Whats funny is people think they know me but the thing is I can be completely different. I tend to be really focused at school and sometimes nervous. Ive become less shy as ive become older though. Actually some loud people have less self-esteem and talk a lot because they are nervous. Its just different personalities

the they grow up and gene thing

Admiral Question
It depends. I was pretty outgoing as a child but I also played on my own.

When I hit teens, it was rough; I had no luck with girls - could barely manage to ask even one of them to dance at dances or to skate at skates then briefly at senior high - a new school where I knew nobody - when I asked anyone, they said yes. (a mystery to me).

Now, I am still shy - no girlfriend - I am not as shy as I used to be but I've yet to find a woman willing to give me a chance...

Now the why: part of it is self-esteem - my family could be rough on me at times though sometimes I deserved it. Some of the girls/women I've been interested in apparently haven't been open-minded about who they'll date
(the guy has to be from their culture etc.).

no, it's their personality and how they are

I think it has to do with the upbringing we have. Some of us are oppressed by our parents so we can't blossom until we're out of their sight. Some are nurtured and encouraged to share themselves.

I think it has allot to with upbringing. My parents always encouraged me to always speak up for myself and involved me in many group sporting activities. The children who I grew up with in school who never seemed to participate in such activities are still shy 8 years after finishing school.

That is a very good question...I think it has something to do with self-esteem and mentality or something you were born with...
I was always extremely shy when I was growing up....I couldn't get up and give a speech or book report in school...My
throat would tighten up and my voice would come out shaky or squeaky...My peers thought I was stuck up, when in reality, I was scared to death...I kept to myself most of the time...I have no idea why I was like that.....Even today, I prefer to being a loner...I always envied people that were out going and had a bubbly personality...I had a great childhood and had no reason for feeling the way I did...Guess it is something you are born with or something from your last life....

We all have different childhood experiences and environment. How a child was brought up, reared and molded will affect his/her habits, manner, behabiour and character in the future. Shyness is the result of insecurity.

I think it has to do with self esteem, yes.

A lot of people worry about what others will say. I for one, when I talk, I NEVER look peope in the eyes.. Why? Who knows.

I think now days, people worry a lot about what others will think of them.. Some peole are so judgmental, and the people are scared that they will talk behind their backs.

hopefully one day no one will be shy, and will be happier.

Now as for kids.. Kids just are I guess. I'm not sure with why kids are.. that is a good question..

Part of it oneself and the other is how you are raised as a child. The environment around you.

anonymous 27
ya its self esteem problems....shyness isnt inherited or anything genetic....its just the way you learned to act as a result of your childhood

I have always been shy and quiet when Im around people that I dont Know,its just the way I am,

i think its how a child was brought up and maybe the environment...

Junior BRASIL (джунюр)
I think that's just the personality...
people who are shy may have had some problem in their childhood...
but, of course, this is not a rule... this is just the way they r...
see ya!

It is their disposition. Just like some people are funny, some are serious, some are confrontational, others are not.
Some people like being shy. They don't like talking to a lot of people.
If it is a quality you possess and don't like, you can do simple things to change it. Start by asking people in the grocery store lines or bus line or something stupid questions like, "Wow! I see you have 15 gallons of milk. That's unusual. Why so much milk?" Or, compliment them: "Oh, what a cute bag! Where'd you get it?" For guys, I suggest a comment such as, "Hey, is that *PRODUCT NAME* any good? I've heard about it, but never tried it." Things like that. Just stupid things. Then, the more comfortable you get with little things, the less shy you will be. It will always be hard for you to talk to strangers, but it makes it easier. Also, getting involved in social organizations that emphasize talking, like sororities and fraternities, help.

It may be linked a little to self esteem, but it is overcomeable. The best thing to remember is being shy isn't bad.

right side brain cell work over time
yeah self esteem and childhood family
cruel world now

Kelsey *
It's all to do with phycoligy....some have different ways in which the mind works.

It depend what that person's personality it. I mean some people are quiet and shy while other are loud... also how they are raised. But sometime when i person doesn't get enough attention they are know to be be louder and if a person' self esteem is low then they tend to be shy. I myslef am shy... but when i get to konw you i am not so shy, but i bellieve i can d anythign i an capable of when i put my mind to it.... my self esteem is great.

depends on his/her environment..

maureen m
It really depends on the person I mean that could just be thier personality

steve m
Some people do not have the same socialization skills. To some what appears easy like striking up a conversation, may be a challenge to a timid individual.

There are also chemical issues involved, as in anxiety disorders. Through medication it often alleviates the problems and levels the playing field. Each situtation is individual.

Some are just naturally shy. It might be self-esteem problems, it might be just that they lack social skills, it might be that they really don't care if you know their opinion, or don't care to know yours.

I believe self esteem from childhood provokes shyness but i also believe its also the way they are..

its really personality I have a great life and im totally shy

it's just what we are. like me, i'm really shy.

rag dollie
Shyness may be defined experientially as discomfort and/or inhibition in interpersonal situations that interferes with pursuing one's interpersonal or professional goals. It is a form of excessive self-focus, a preoccupation with one's thoughts, feelings and physical reactions. It may vary from mild social awkwardness to totally inhibiting social phobia.

check this out: http://www.shyness.com/encyclopedia.html

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