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Why am I so tired but I cant go to sleep?

Primarily because you are unable to turn of your thought processes... you continue to go over the problems of today as well as your inability to achieve what you feel is needed in your life. There are worries that continue to work their way through your thought processes unabated... is what brings about insomnia in most instances.

smart won
drink like a hole bottle of water then close your eyes works for me

Talk to your docter about that one. Try resting your mind and stop thinking about today and yesterday and tomorrow. Think about good things when you lay down. If that doesn't work maybe ask your docter about a sleep medicene like AmbienCR or Abien or Lunesta.

You might have something on your mind or your inner body clock is a bit off. Did you have a nightmare or did something happened to you that has your mind wanting to be awake and effecting your body?

Try either heating up some milk,drinking that and then wait until your tired enough to go back to sleep. Or drink some tea,it will help soothe you a bit,then try reading a book or an online story somewhere until your body/mind are both tired enough to sleep.

I hope this helps and good luck,good night.

cedric t
You're probably stressed, worried, pressured by something. I went through a phase where I was getting insomniac too, like I felt very tired but I couldnt sleep at night, or if I do sleep, Im awaken at the middle of the night and I cant go back to sleep. I found out that the reason for this was because I worry too much about whats gonna happen with my life (and I was going through an ending relationship that time, too). So I tried to lessen my thinking of the future and focus on whatever comes in the present.

So you'll have to talk to yourself and find out whats causing you stress. If its anything you can do something about, plan. And plan well. So when tomorrow comes, you can handle it and you wont have to worry about it. If its something you have no power against, just let it be, focus on what you can do in the present and dont worry so much about it.

maybe u r tired of sleeping itself.. try walking.. running.. then come back.. shower & sleep like a baby..

Patti C
This is one sign of depression. Check and see if you have any other signs of depression. It could be very mild depression. If it is please get help early on.

If you don't really think it is depression, mild exercise during the day helps me sleep better at night.

you need downtime..turn the computer off

insomnia, and it comes in many different forms, can be stress related or health problems, my insomnia is a health issue along with medications that can cause insomnia

Yes, over tired. Here's my advice:

15 jumping jacks

a banana or a glass of milk

go to bed in a very dark room and consiously relax your whole body. start with your feel and totally relax them, then your ankles, then calfs and work your way up to the top of your head.

if you get all the way through this process and you are still not asleep, count the seconds between each breath, then try to lengthen the time between each breath to 16 seconds.

It is possible that wo dont get sleep if we are very much tired.Try to relax,this is the only way to get sleep.For this, prayer or meditation is the best way.

E a n
answer my yahoo questions n you can sleep...i'm sure

I have a problem with insomnia and I recently asked about it here. Check out my questions and look for the insomnia one, I had some really good suggestions about ways to get to sleep easier. :)

Because your mind is awake. You must learn to relax.. Seek some form of meditation.. You will be amazed at the difference..

God bless & hugs from Texas. {:-)

Aaliyah's Mama
I read this book once that had this man in it who was being kept awake by beings from another dimension. Once he had lost enough sleep, he was able to see this alternate dimension, and the beings, and was able to help them avoid some terrible disaster. It was called "Insomnia", by Stephen King.

i have this problem quite a lot actually. there could be many factors contributing to this.
do you ingest caffiene or excess amounts of sugar after 3:00 pm? do you have a regular time you like to go to bed? do you have odd work or school hours? do you have kids who wake up at all hours?
these are only a few things that could be affecting your ability to sleep. the most common reason besides caffiens is an overload of stress. think about this:
when you lay down to sleep, do you find yourself having racing thoughts? do you find yourself dreaming about odd things that become bothersome when you awake? do you feel like you have a lot of unresolved issues your mind can't deal with while awake?
nighttime is the most common time to start thinking about the day you've had and the day ahead. you remember things you forgot to do, or you are worried about a test the next day, so your mind focuses on those priorities instead of allowing you to relax. i suggest seeing your doctor about a prescription sleep aid temporarily to help you sleep. An antipsychotic may be necessary to help your racing thoughts subside. also, having a pretty set schedule helps your body focus on when it needs to rest.
i wish you the best of luck and happy dreams from here on out.

Pre Occupied minds will never help in relaxing and that why u cant sleep. Try reading a book or listen to some soft music like Kenny g... this will help u to relax and go to sleep.

Turn off the computer. Haha just kidding. Don't consume any caffeine that's for sure. Are you depressed?

Maybe God wants you to pray for someone or for something.I find when i am tired but can't sleep that God wants me to pray for something or someone,once I ask Him I find every time He will tell me, once i do as He asks I can go to bed and go right to sleep. try it and be serious when you ask Him, I know it works.

you might have a kind of depression called masked depression,in which lethargy is the main feature with some somatic symptoms.
you should check with a psychiatrist.


Take some sublingual melatonin...

It will help!

Geese Howard
Yeah dude, meditation. I get that thing where I am VERY tired but something in my mind kicks in Right when I want to go to sleep.

A good book for Medetation is by Eknath Easwaran called (of all things)Meditation

I'll link it below.

Meantime you might want to try headphones and some music you like. Listen to it until you are almost asleep or if you can fall asleep with them on. Its a way to keep your mind occupied. Turn on an electric fan in the background for noise.

Oh and if theres a thought that is keeping you awake heres what you do. Think about something else. Pretend or imagine if you have to but do not just try to stop thinking about the thought because by trying not to you are actually paying it more attention. Think about something interesting and something that makes you feel at ease and relaxed. Something you enjoy.

Meditation will take a little time to work but its actually kind of fun the way this guy teaches it. I realise just how much control over what my mind is doing I don't have, but that with practice I can gain more. Its probably the hardest thing out of all these to do but the most effective in the long run. You got to teach your mind to slow down.

Try chamomile tea as well before bedtime. Im going to drink Sweet Dreams tea here in a sec.

Lastly I know some of he people above suggest it but NO F-ING DRUGS. Perscription or otherwise. Your body will be happy for the short run but it will become immune to some extent and soon you will need more drugs and then become to rely on them. Then your body will just keep getting more and more immune and you will need more and more and then if you ever want to stop well BAM! Theres more problems then when you started since now you add to the initial symptom the lack of drugs and your problems can actually increase drastically. Plus theres all those nasty side effects and sometimes those are NOT fun at all.

Your lack of sleep is simply your body and mind trying to tell you something. It's definately NOT "Feed me drugs!"

As a chronic insomniac, it's hard for me to go to sleep a lot of time... Try having about a half hour of down time (no radio, tv, phone or computer) before going to bed and then take a book with you when you go and try to stay awake to keep reading. Sometimes this works so well that I don't even turn the light off... LOL If this doesn't work, try Xanax...

As has been mentioned, stress is a common reason for the situation you are experiencing, but it is difficult to say what your cause is without knowing what is going on in your life right now.

For instance:
-- How long have you had this problem? Is this something that has only started recently? (If it's something that's been going on for quite some time, may there is a chemical imbalance or a physical problem.)
-- Has there been a change in your diet? (Especially if you are used to drinking caffinated beverages or changes in sugar and salty foods.)
-- Do you excersice?
-- Have there been any big events/changes in your life? (Stress doesn't necessarily come from 'negative' or 'unhappy' events. Stress can also come from happy ones such as graduation, weddings, etc.)
-- How much time do you spend on the internet or watching tv in the evening? (The light from the screens is possibly thought to cause 'awakeness' in some people, thus not letting them because drowsy when they should.)

There are many different possibilities to why you are tired but have not been able to sleep, but you need to look over other parts of your life to see if they have any ties to it.

I go through the same. You have to be just tired to find good sleep.

I cant sleep because if I do the clowns will eat me.

loh wai zen
you are not sleepy

try turning the computer off!!

Over tired

Welcome to my world :-/

Your body's tired but your brain is wide awake! It won't rest unless you make it. Turn off the computer, go turn on a funny show, lay on the couch unwind, drink a glass of milk, take a warm shower, take about 10 deep breathes in through your nose and out through pursed lips slowly. It's like drugs!!!! If you don't do the rest you have to do the breathing exercise, you're brain will love all that oxygen. You'll be out in no time!!!

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