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What does it mean about my personality, when writing i write in cursive and print in the same sentence or even

Nothing, I used to think handwriting (neat) was important. As long a you can read the words it really doesn't matter. You get the point across. Don't sweat it. Peace.

I do it sometimes, no one have ever even to ask me why
or what.

I think it is -- your Special ' because we can do things & we understand them


eve is it
mm it doesnt mean much... im sure ur not a complete psycho or anything just cos you do that.


J. K
It means that your creative.

missy m
I do the same thing. It is annoying too!!!! hellllppppppp!!

You probably like adventure. Maybe you tire easily and find printing easier. Does it really bother you? Many famous artist did the same. Ask a doctor if you think you have some kind of brain damage, I doubt it.


Sheryl R
I don't think it means anything or has little or nothing to do w/ur personality. Don't sweat the small stuff.

I dont know but I do it all the time.....Everyday.... Glad I am not the only one.......Hope we find the answer....I never thought about it....I thought I was just being lazy by changing or had a memory block on which I was doing.......

it means your unike and your own person in your own way

T. W
IT MEANS NOTHING! You are not crazy, you are just more comfortable with printing. You're in the thought process of what you are stating in the letter, before you know it, your not noticing that you are no longer writing in cursive.

Kimberly H
your creative, and like variety, I do that too! perhaps it's a little impulsive, but I prefer the the creative answer.

Pamela V
I do this as well. I think that if I want to make a point of something I'll draw attention to what I am writing about by printing instead of writing.This way it stands out from the rest of the sentence.I don't do this on purpose it's a subconscious thing.

GMH :)
you just have a beautiful handwriting, that's all

It means you're indecisive, and you have a hard time making what you consider "important" decisions. often you make quick decisions but it's not because you thought it through. it's because you don't want to spend any real time thinking about. thats probably why you tend to notice the switch beween print and cursive; either when you're done with the sentence or what ever it is your were writing

I do it too! It's a faster and cooler style of writing. I think it shows a sign of creativity.

Gypsy Gal
You will excell as a government employee....They print every thing,,,,I can read hand writing and they say if you want to change a habbit you must change your hand writing THAT is the reason people are now caught if they sign another person"s name as they have not the pressure points It is quite an art in reading and understanding hand writing,,,,When you write it is from the stem of the brain,.,,Interesting,?

That you can't remember how tomake a cursive K.
it doesn't mean anything. At all. Handwriting is a result of refining, or nonrefining. Or sometimes dysgraphia.

It mean that you are pretty much normal because a lot of people do the same thing,so don't beat yourself up you are not alone

Perplexed Princess
I think it means that you have difficulty in making decisions or going with your first instinct. Second guessing a lot. Always changing your mind.

You need to realize that something like the type of handwriting isn't so important that you have to rethink it.

I do the same thing. Its just become habit and it looks neat! It says nothing about your personality except that maybe you are creative. Because I write, sing, paint and draw very well! ^_^ So don't worry about it buckaroo!!



anita b
not sure but if its readable your not a doctor.

I do it too, I think it means we are each our own individual


Dying To Live
It means nothing at all...let it go

From a graphologist's perspective, it means you are still deciding what you want to embrace as your life's purpose. You are thoughtful and deliberate but sitting on the fence about something. There is a part of you that does not want to grow up.

Beyond that, I'd have to actually see your writing. But that's the basics.

i think you are referring to hand-writing analysis, how some people think you can tell about a person's personality from how they write.

I have a psych degree and i can tell you that there is no basis for this. you write like that just because that's how you write, it has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

I really wish you had included your IQ rating, since this is actually pretty common among individuals with extremely high intelligence. Doesn't really say much about your personality except than perhaps that the message may be more important to you than the delivery. Nothing wrong with that!

Don't take what anyone else says too seriously. It doesn't reveal anything profoundly hidden, or that you don't know already.
It just shows that you aren't as constant in your stream of conscious thought as you could be. You could try keeping your writing style constant, not that it's a big deal, but little tiny things can add up to things that are much bigger. Developing constancy in your writing can turn into constancy in your career, your daily habits, leading to your success, relationships, and so on. Like I told you, it's tiny, but if it matters to you, changing it can build up to something significant and you strive for constancy in everything.

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