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Do I have to tell my employer I take antidepressants?
Ive just finished college and Im going to start applying for jobs. Everyone I know that works in the field Im going into said they had to do a medical prior to getting there jobs, during with time they had to tell state what medication they are taking. I know its not a big deal taking antidepressants, but there is still a bit of a stigma around them, Im afraid I may be turned down for jobs if I tell 'em Im taking pills? Do I have to tell them?
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I a chemist (Im not kidding)...So no heavy machinary, and they dont effect my ability to work.

I think employers are more interested in if you are on heart medication etc. They like to know if you are physicaly fit to do the job. I don't believe you have to give info. about your mental health and if you did I am afraid they may look down on that. It seems like the stigma wouldn't be there because so many people are takeing some kind of meds.

If your going into psychology they may want this information but I think they also give you some kind of assesment to make sure that you are stable. Alot of psychologist have issues of their own and seek treatment, while working in the field.

I wouldn't worry about it too much because if you didn't get a job based on the fact that you take anti-depressents I would think it would be discrimination.

I think the best thing you could do is talk to some of your professors that you have had. I bet they would know for sure.

I don't think you have to tell. It is not a life threatening.


Gypsy Girl
If you are in the US, they aren't even allowed to ask. Even if they do ask, I don't see any reason why you would have to tell them. I don't know what the law is in England.

PLAN A . No , leave them out of the picture for a while then one bright and sunny January morning say to your boss / master / C.E.O. , " how are you today , you're looking a little off , would you like to try a couple / few / box of these , these will help you out , no end !

PLAN B . Don't take any on the days of your job interviews then when /if aked you can answer both very happilly and honestly , NO !

no and you shouldn't


Heck no. That's your business, not theirs.

No it's none of their business! It would be like letting them know you're on the pill so you won't get pregnant! Don't feel under any obligation to tell them.

They will ask on the job application or even in the interview, but if they don't ask, don't tell

don't tell them

are you going to be operating heavy machinery? if not then, no

When they tell you they want to send you for a drug screen, ask if they need to know your prescribed medications. Technically, it is not something that anyone at the company should know, but if they don't know and the test comes back positive for something, you will NOT get the job. Our testing company just recently started contacting the potential employee if something comes back positive that could be prescribed. I think they ask for a copy of the prescription and then they will tell our corporate risk management person. Then they let us know it is negative if the company considers they can do their job while using that medication. So, no one locally knows that person is taking something. Hopefully everyone is handling it that way. It is important that people operating machinery or even making medical decisions for patient care not be on certain medications, so these tests are important.

Good luck.

Shelly B
Absolutely not! as long as you are honest with the medical facility that does your physical (they will probably do a drug panel, and if you don't tell them and they show up on your system, then your sure not to get the job) but the medical facility is the only one you should tell...the employer should never know ( don't need to know).......the only information the employer is looking for is to see if your in good health and not doing drugs. I work in human resources and have never been told about anybody taking anti-depression medication. Good luck in your new search!! best wishes....

By law, you have the right to choose not to disclose information about what medication you are taking! If they ask, say "I feel this is a privacy issue & should not be asked of anyone!

Sir Sidney Snot

I don't think you have to, but I would just in case of side effect, illness etc..

no you don't have to tell them thats your personal business

Katie G
Don't tell them you're right there is a stigma and they'll think you're not up to the job. Even if they ask don't tell them, its not like its gonna affect your work is it???

U can't b serious
No you don't. When you take a pre-employment physical HIPPA laws prevent Dr.'s from reveling certain medical information.

Absolutely not. I suggest you do a bit of research on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Country Girl

The Mr. Pine

Schmoke and a pancake?
Angelkake is correct. It is illegal for an employer to ask you what medications you are taking. I don't know what field you are going into, or what type of medical exam that your friends are saying is required, but employers are not allowed to do this, as it could result in discrimination. I have heard of people who work closely with the elderly or those with compromised immune systems getting medical tests, but even this is limited to infectious diseases, and no disclosure of medication is necessary.

The only reason I'd tell my employer anything about my medication is because I am in a safety critical job, and if anything happened I'd be tested, and if anything I took is disallowed, I'd lose my job for not telling them so they can make their decision on my duties.

As a chemist you obviously don't have these concerns, so I'd say if you want to keep it to yourself you should do so. As long as there is no drugs and alcohol at work policy where you work, which would have guidelines about this.

Clinically recognised depression is now classed as a disability which means that an employer cannot turn you down on the basis of your illness.

Its also much better to be honest from the outset, complete any forms that they ask you to with the truth - but its very rare for company's to ask for medicals, often its for very senior people of physical roles. If you weren't honest and then they found out that you had lied, then you could lose your job. So be up front about it, make it clear that it hasn't affected your college work and wont have an impact on you as an employee as it is under control. They will respect your honesty.

No you do not have to tell your employer what medications you take. That is your private personal info.

not really but my employer makes me take them.

Dont tell them. If they find out just say that you didnt want to tell them you was taking them incase they didnt give you the job which would make you more depressed. Id keep quite untill caught. try and use this to bring yourself out of depression

Good luck

I'm Gonna Tell You
It's actually against the law for them to ask you for medical information. You don't have to answer that question. If they take a drug test, they will only do a qualitative for specific and illegal drugs.

woman's stride
I'm majoring in Health Information Technology(Med Records) You do not have to tell your employer about the medication you are taking. For your own personal reasons you choose not to. I don't blame you, because there is very much a stereotype around antidepressants and people who take them.

There is no way anyone can have public access to your medical records besides them being subpoenaed in court. That's the same as people with AIDS, you know they do not tell employers they have that disease because of fear.

The law is on your side, if you choose not to disclose information because of possible discrimination.

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