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I had a weird experience at a dentist office and am not sure what to do regarding this situation.?
the dental assistant was completely unprofessional, but not at all rude to me. she started slamming and banging the mouse button keys on the laptop when it wasn't doing what she wanted. Being married to a geek I cringed as she was doing this and cursing saying, "F**k". She was opening sterilized items without gloves and one of them fell on the floor and she was playing with it and put it on the counter in it's peg hole. Now, i don't know if it was a drill bit, but it was a short metal object and slightly bigger in diameter and half the size of an ordinary needle. I didn't appreciate having garlic breathe being breathed into my face as she was taking dental xrays. I didn't care to hear that her and her husband fight. I think what bothered me the most of seeing her dropped that small object on the ground and put it next to all of the other ones. what should i do?

sue them.

I've been in the dental field for 12 years, and, yes, I've had bad days. But, as a professional, I always keep in mind that my patients are the ones who really give me my paycheck, so I am really disturbed by what I've read here. I think that you should call the dental office and ask to speak with the office manager. Tell the manager about your experience, and let him or her know that you were very unsatisfied with your visit. Pay close attention to the feedback you get from this person, because, if nothing else, the office manager should be apologetic and eager to do whatever(within reason, of course) is necessary to keep you as a patient. If you do not get resolution this way, then contact your state's dental board and file a formal complaint. Hopefully, you will not need to take it that far, but something does need to be done about the assistant's obvious lack of professionalism.

Doc marloe
The Dental Assistant might cause you a Dental anxiety or fear due to shown attitude. In dental law you might call that Conduct unbecoming, for the dental instrument, holding that in unsterile hand and playing with it that is negligence to the assistant part. Report that unprofessional act to ADA.

I agree with all the advice to address this with your dentist. He needs to know, not just because of how it left you feeling, but also because her behavior is costing him business and a possible lawsuit. His best interests lie in helping his patients. He will probably be very grateful you consulted him about the matter.

You need to have serious talk with the dentist. Leave a message and have them call you. If she worked in my office I'd have fired her. I take that back, I never would have hired her in the first place. Being rude is bad enough but violating OSHA regulations is unforgivable. Come to think of it, if this doctor is willing to have this kind of assistant you probably need a new dentist. But call him anyway. It may help to straighten him up a it.

I would call your dentist and report her. Chances are if she is taking short cuts by putting contaminated tools with sterile tools she is cutting corners in other areas. Also her personal business is personal not something she should be sharing with her patients. It's very unprofessional and someone should address the situation.

Find a new dentist. That behavior is rude an unnecessary:


Talk to your dentist and explain what happened. My guess is that you will receive an apology and your dentist will talk with the assistant. Her conduct is not professional.

You should talk to the dentist. If he/she acts like it was no big deal, you should take that as a sign that the office itself has no problem with that level of unprofessionalism, and should seek another dentist.

This is not professional or acceptable behavior. You should contact the office and lodge a complain. This behavior reflects badly on the dental office and in the end will lose them patients. If she was really that bad, you will not be the first person to complain. Too many diseases can be passed through dental work. Don't take a chance. At the very least specify you don't want her again.

dgggg f
complain to city!

I would put in a complaint and change dentists!

I would report her to the American Dental Assoc. I wouldnt let her come within 200 feet of my mouth!!!!!

Jessica K
That's very unprofessional...If she is just the assistant I would try to get ahold of the actual dentist and make him aware of the practices going on in his office.

Alicia G
definatly go back to the dentist office and talk to to the actual dentist about this!!! thats not something to just let pass over! If you went and told it would be helping out other people who go to that dentist.

leigh womble
I would suggest sending a letter to or calling the office manager. Explain to her how it made you feel.

I get and handle calls and I address the assistant and or hygienist and sometimes the doctor.

It could be anything from, the assistant didn't rinse me good, the tray pinched my lip, to the doctor ran late.

I will talk to any of my co-workers and the doctor. If a patient has a legitimate complaint, it is something that needs to be discussed with the employee. This is called "constructive criticism" it only helps improve our office, when we learn from our mistakes.

We had an assistant that was really brass, I did not like the impression the patients were getting of her and her representation of our office. So she was fired.

You could after speaking to the OM, ask if you could have an alert placed on your account, that you would prefer a different assistant. (Hopefully the office has more than one.)

Good Luck

I would send a letter to the dentist explaining the situation in detail. If you go there and this happens again then you need to stop going to the dentist and send a letter to the appropriate liscensing agency describing what happened. The compromising of the sterile tools is the biggest infraction. However, I am sure the dentist would like to know about the other behaviour. That is not good business to allow that kind of action to happen to customers. Remember, you are a customer as well as a patient. You can go elsewhere with your business.

ashley c
this behavior was totally inappopriate! im not sure what she dropped, but it wasnt the drill bit! i was a dental assistant for a long time, and i've actually seen a coworker get fired for acting inappopriate in front of a patient! you definitely need to report this to the dentist! a dr's office is supposed to be professional place, she was definitely not acting professional, especially the f word...she should be fired!

I would call the office and ask to speak to the office manager. Explain what took place and express your concerns about the unsteralized instrument being used in your mouth (gross). Ask them to address the issue with the hygenist and if you are still uncomfortable going back there, find a new dentist.

sounds like she needs a boot up her butt and to find another job - complain

Johnny B
Put in a complaint!!

You can tell the Dentist or just find another dentist. That is very unprofessional

well you could tell the dentist about the unprofessional behaviour of his assistant

this way atleast she wont go beserk on somebody else.

Let the doctor know so he/ she can speak with her.

since this was the assistant, I would recommend calling and speaking with the dentist in charge

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
Write a letter to your dentist and describe what happened.

Have a talk with the doctor. They have every right to know what is happening in their office. The employees are a direct reflection of them and their business. Make sure you tell them how it made you feel.

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