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http://www.nexusmagazine http://www.truthaboutspl Details

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ok, can somebody tell me these questions?
cuz i really need to know them for later, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

How do i get my enamel back in my teeth?
I've used so many whitestrips already that my teeth look transparente! Is there any toothpaste, mouthwash, or treatment I can use?

The enamel isn't gone, you just overwhitened. Stop with the whitestrips for a while. Drink coffee. Eventually they'll stop being transparent.

courtney h
Enamel is bone...if it doesnt grow back then you have to get porcelin teeth from the dentist (cosmetic surgery)

eat calcium

the dentist will have to put the filling stuff over them enamel never comes back
ps: dont eat lemons

No...enamel cannot be regrown. You can get vineers...
Your teeth aren't transparent, the word is translucent. (you can't see through your teeth. They have roots and pulp) You're only supposed to use the strips twice a day for 14 days and then let 6 mnths go by...If you have gray teeth. Nothing will make them white. It's from antibiotics. If you keep drinking coffee, tea, colas, they will keep your teeth yellow.

You could try the "Enamel Care" tooth paste.

It tastes good too!

Colgate Luminous reinforces enamel layers by rebuilding the weak spots on your teeth.

Why dont you try to paint your teeth white.
Try using White Emulsion would give you the same shine on your tooth as on walls. :)

you could get venners....

That is why people shouldn't use that stuff......my dentist for decades told me never to use whitening stuff on my teeth because that strips away your enamel...and plus that enamel protects your teeth from decay...

Anyways, if you ever want to bleach your teeth just go buy the ones you get at your dentist's office...it doesn't cost that much...and plus it still makes my teeth look white and I used to smoke

Try Crest transluscentstrips with enamel.Click here to find out where they are sold.Hope I helped.

My dentist said it never comes back. Use Sensidine (sp?) for pain. Or a mouthguard to stop it from getting worse.

Enamel is mostly mineral matter, and not organic matter, so there is no way to actually naturally regenerate the enamel you've lost.
Unfortunately, many teeth whitening products actually make teeth whiter by destroying the layer of "stained" enamel through a process of demineralization, and if you've been abusing those products, chances are you might have destroyed all the remaining enamel on your teeth.

There is no way to restore natural enamel. The teeth after whitening will have a transparency or take on a translucent appearance. Try to stay off the strips for awhile. You should really only use those initially for 2 weeks to obtain maximum results and then touch up as needed...maybe once a month depending on habits and even then just for a day or two if need be.

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