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 If the doctor said there was a 50/50 percent chance of a person living?
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What is the worst type of cancer to get?
There are so many different types of cancers. Cancer could happen anywhere in the body. I heard that some cancers is worse than others. I heard that blood cancer is one of the worst. Which cancer is most deadly?

and how long is the predicted life span when diagnosed?

Girl P
Blood cancer. Lukemia

Once detected there is absolutely no chance survival

blood, bone, and then brain cancer, but it matters how much its grown. any cancers bad.

april T
Really any cancer that has been in the body growing for a long time is the worst. It has a bigger chance of spreading to the bones. That is why early detection of any cancer can save a life.

It is bad when it gets in the bones. If a cancer is malignant( which means it can spread), that is bad, because if it is removed it can still grow back. Also, it can spread to another part of the body.

Leukemia and lymphoma are blood cancers. They are both survivable. 5.What are the statistics for the survival of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma?

Survival is measured in several ways so it is important to define each measure. The survival statistics are often presented as five-year survival, that is, the percentage of people who survive five years from the date of diagnosis. The five-year survival rates for the blood cancers (for all age groups) are: leukemia 50%; Hodgkin lymphoma 86%; non-Hodgkin lymphoma 64% and myeloma 34%. Leukemia rates by type of disease(for all age groups)are: ALL 65.3%; CLL 74.8%; AML 20.7% and CML is 44.4%. These figures differ for children ages 0-19 and people over 75.

i think all cancers are terrible and hard to deal with, i doubt there is such one as worst or the better one to get.

11:11 AM
The worst type of cancer to get is any cancer that has metastized to other parts of the body, because then it becomes extremly difficult to treat. Also cancer's where the tumor is inoperable because of its location in the lungs, spine, or brain are always deadly. Patients with pancreatic cancer are only given a few months to live after diagnoed.

Blood Cancers are bad too because everywhere, and all the blood in the body is infected so surgery cannot fix it. Organs begin to shut down because the body attacks them, and many patients die of pnemonia. In response to Girl P, blood cancer patients do have a chance I have ALL a type of leukemia and although I have been close to death more than most, I am now very close to remission!

I'd say, the worst are deep organ cancers (lung, liver, pancreatic). They are often very advanced before detection, which makes "cure" or remission much less likely. Those closer to the surface, like melanomas, or lymphomas, are often detected earlier. Those where there is a common and reasonably low-cost screening method (colon, breast, prostate) often see higher cure/remission rates because they are detected earlier.

Panda, often high grade/aggressive cancers are MUCH more susceptible to chemotherapy. As chemo often targets rapidly dividing cells, and aggressive tumors represent the fastest dividing cells, high grade cancers can be more responsive to treatment than the slow growers. Of course there are many factors, as some cancers, slow or fast growing, simply don't respond well at all to chemo. My oncologist said several times, the single most important prognostic factor is response to chemo.

It depends...
Metastatic disease is of course bad, BUT... many patients with metastatic breast cancer to bone only can live for a decade or more; patients with many metastatic sarcomas and testicular cancer can be cured; many patients with metastatic colorectal cancer with only a few liver spots can be cured with aggressive surgery and chemotherapy.

Fast-growing cancers are bad, BUT... the faster growing cancers also frequently are the most sensitive to chemotherapy or radiation. Unfortunately, if you don't eradicate it the first time, there may not be another chance.

Leukemia can be bad, BUT... CML is a "poster child" for new molecular therapies (imatinib), and patients expect long survival now. CLL is a chronic, indolent disease usually so to me isn;t the worst. AML and ALL in adults are not good, but certain types have much higher cure rates.

I think the worst are pancreas cancer and melanoma; we basically have poor therapy for these diseases. Plus, pancreas is very common and melanoma strikes way too many young people.

Have to agree though, "the worst kind... is the kind you get."

God bless, best wishes

Impossible to answer this question although you will receive lots of opinions. Here is the reason . . cancer is not one disease but literally over 200 different types . .to further complicate matters cancer is a progressive disease. Which means it begins microscopically and begins to grow. Some types of cancer grow very, very slowly and can grow for thirty years or more . . essentially it is possible for the patient to outlive the cancer. And, than there are other types of cancer that are extremely fast, aggressive and can double in a matter of days, weeks, or months . . . these types do not often have 'common and recognizable names' . . one of the more common is pancreatic cancer. And yet, when they talk about panreatic cancer what is 'worst' about it is that it is almost always found in an advanced or stage IV condition. It isn't necessarily the type of cancer you get that is 'worst' . .it is the stage or the progression of the cancer that is the worst type. Any type of cancer that has reached stage IV has become deadly . . because now it is Metastatic which means that the original tumor is now replicating and sending new malignant (microscopic) cells into the blood stream or lymphatic system. Those metastatic cells travel througout the body (hundreds of them) and can lodge at a distant location and set up a whole new colony of cancer . .that will repeat itself indefinitely . . the new colony will seed, reseed, until the body is filled with cancer. That is the worst type of cancer to get . .Metastatic cancer . . and all cancers can become metastatic.

That being said . . some of the worst types of cancer to get would be ones that are aggressive with a high grade of tumor . .these types of cancer are invasive and spread faster than treatment can react. Among the most deadly are sarcoma . .which has few treatment options and has had little research. It is also a disease that afflicts young adults more often than older adults. At the moment if you are a teen or young adult and you get cancer . .you are far more likely to die from your disease than an older adult or a child.

So . . it isn't always just the kind of cancer you get . . you need to consider the stage . .and your age group.

Most people who die from cancer have metastasis at the time of death.

ACS: What is Metastatic Cancer?

The worst type of cancer to get . .is the kind you get.

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