You have something in your eyes, but you have no Eyewash, or you just need to clear your eyes…

Get a large bowl or a small eye-sized cup. The large bowl must be big so your entire face can go in and the cup should fit snugly around your eye socket.
Fill the cup or bowl with water. Luke-warm water is best, you don’t want to shock your eye with cold water or burn it with scalding water.
The bowl should not be filled completely, put it on a towel so you don’t make a mess. The eye-cup technique works well with a full cup.
Dunk your head in the bowl of water, most people find closing your eyes to work best. If using the eye-cup, tilt your head down, position the cup snugly against your eye, and then tilt your head back so your eye (and the cup) are facing upwards.
Blink several times and look around in a circular pattern to help get the water in your eye.

Expect to get wet in both techniques.
Some drug stores sell eye washing kits that contain a good eye-sized cup and some sterile washing solution.
To some people it is very uncomfortable to get water in the eye, since the natural eye milieu is salty. If this is the case, stir one teaspoon of salt into one liter of water until dissolved. This will give you a mildly salty solution that you can use to wash out your eyes. Do not overuse the salt, too much salt may cause cells to burst and feel very uncomfortable or even painful.

Do not use water that is too hot or too cold.