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Marissa E
Should Bloodwork show cancer?
Would cancer show in bloodwork ??? Would something come back abnormal if you have cancer?

i think so, there are certain" cancer markers" they look for.

I thought so. But when they took my blood they found no sign, 4 months later I was diagnosed with cancer.

If you get a CBC (Complete Blood Count) done, it should say if you have cancer, or if other things could be wrong.

many times it'll show a lowered white blood cell count.
my mom has a ca125 which tracks ovarian cancer.

Bill F
I think they need to be looking for specific things or cancers.
I had my yearly physical in early January and all my regular blood work came back normal. 3 weeks later with no prior symptoms I was diagnosed with an eye cancer (Choroidal Melanoma). Your best bet is to get things checked immediately when you find them. I waited 5 days, but my symptoms were so minor that I could have waited a very long time before they were severe enough for me to really worry about it. My mind and body told me that something was wrong. The results on my scans have not come back yet, but I have confidence that I sought help soon enough to save my life.

Rob D
I don't believe a normal bloodwork test alone will determine if you have cancer, but it should show some symptoms of cancer, such as abnormal liver, kidney readings, etc..

Of course, there are all kinds of things that can cause abnormal organ readings, so even if your blood readings are high it's no reason to panic. I have had both high and liver readings in the past, simply from medications or too much alcohol.

There are no diagnostic blood tests for cancer. There are tumor markers which if elevated may indicate cancer however they are not used to make a diagnosis rather the level is followed to see how the tumor is progressing or responding to treatment.
Leukemia and lymphoma can be suspected with a very elevated white blood cell count however a bone marrow biopsy would need to be done for a confirmatory diagnosis.

Dr.Amrata Srivastava, BDS

Yes blood work can show cancer. Blood cancers like leukemias can be diagnosed by blood test although they need to be confirmed by a bone marrow biopsy. Leukemia can be diagnosed by presence of immature blood cells in large numbers in the blood.
Then there are biomarkers which can be detested in serum or blood and when detected in high amounts they indicate cancer.
One such biomarker is PSA or prostate specific antigen which is normally produced by prostate but in small amounts. Presence of this antigen in blood in large amounts indicates prostate cancer.
Similarly, CA-125 is the biomarker for ovarian cancer and CEA a biomarker for breast, colon and pancreatic cancer.
Please remember however that the diagnostic value of these biomarkers is limited and the results have to be confirmed by clinical exam and tests like CT scan, ultrasound etc.


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