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 What causes a stroke?
What causes a stroke? What are the features of stroke? pls help !!...

 I just Had a Heart attack in August of this year at the young age of 34. How do I deal with all this?
Im 35 now.I just turned 35 in september but in August of this year I had a heart attack. I had 4 blocked autries and so therefor I had to have a bypass done. I cant believe at 34 years of age I had ...

 I'm 45, and I've been experience some sqeezing pain on the center-left side of my chest?
The pain seemed to radiate from the center-right side of my chest (around where the heart is) and it spreads up my sholders and down to the stomach, and I seemed to sweat and be short of breathe when ...

 Chest pain?
hi i have lots of test and all seems ok but have to have the die next to see if my arteries are ok i get out of breath a lot and very tired and a lot of pain seems to come and go but can be there a ...

 Why has my husband got high cholesterol & what can we do ?
he has been told his cholesterol is 5.9.
why is this, what can we do about it and what long term risks does it impose on his health?
Thank you
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 Why is losing weight beneficial to your heart?

 Does anyone that their own blood pressure?
It's good to learn. To stay healthy....

 How do I lower my blood pressure without medicine?

 Heart Question really Serious,.What Exercise is Good ?
Hi,l have heart trouble, my left hand side,is not letting the blood flow properly through my heart, so is Gathering in my left leg and ankle, causing Lots of Pain.
Is there anyone can Please, P...

 Chest pain after eating?
I am a 19year old male who plays sports regularly and is not overweight. I seem to get chest pain right around my heart after eating large meals, it feels like sharp little pains. I had a blood ...

Woman at 62 Gives Birth to 11th Child
Janise Wulf, mother of 10, grandmother of 20 and great-grandmother of 3, became the oldest woman to give birth successfully to a healthy baby boy through in-vitro fertilization, though family members were concerned for her health, the woman suffering from diabetes and being blind since birth, experiencing this week swelling and high blood pressure. Desiree Myers, Wulf's 28-year-old daughter, said: "I believe our only hesitation collectively was her health and her coming through this. Giving birth is hard at any age, in any body, let alone with her being 62." The baby boy was named Adam Charles Wulf and is born 3 1/2 years later after his brother, being Janise's second child with her third husband. Scott Wulf, 48, declared that his two sons are more than he hoped for; he always wanted children but his previous wife was infertile. Scott stated after the good news: "She's a wonderful woman; soul mate. She'll be just as full of life at 80 as she always has been." Quinten Myers, one of the woman's grandchildren, is only a few month older than Adam. To avoid confusion, Wulf said that the children in the family call themselves cousins. However, Wulf is not the oldest woman in the world to give birth; the record is held by a Romanian, Adriana Iliescu, who gave birth last year, at 66 years of age, to a baby girl with the aid of artificial insemination, on January 15. Janise is used to defy the odds; she was a synchronized swimmer in high school, though blind, and has a passion for cooking; she was inspired after reading a book called "Expecting Miracles". Furthermore, she considers her success a groundbreaking act for older women.

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