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 What color contacts should i get *pic included.)?
that's me.
either eletric green: http://www.dixieart.com/Sparklescent_Electric_Green.jpg
or the blue, like the color ...

 What is the rarest eye colour in the world?

 Do color contacts change your vision color?
for example, if you have green contacts will you see stuff in a greener ...

 Is this pink eye?
for the past 2 or 3 days, usually flaring up at night, it feels like there has been something in my eye. i checked many times and tried to wipe it out but I've seen nothing. Tonight, it got very ...

 Putting Contacts In?
I want to be able to wear contacts, but I have a very difficult time touching my eye and trying to putting contacts in.
Does anyone have any advice, suggestions or exercises that could help me ...

 Why do my eyes hurt after reading?
i have picked up reading again and my eyes hurt really bad after reading only 10 or 15 pages? whats up?
Additional Details
i was thinking about glasses too but its weird because i can ...

 Can masterbating one time everyday and not sleeping well cause your eyes to get blurry sometimes?

Additional Details
6-7 hours of sleep everyday....

 What are the consequences for leaving your contacts in over night?....or over 7 nights?
it is a bad habbit that i need to break but i want to kno what it does to your eyes. i kno it has to do something or else the doctors wouldnt tell you to take them out. but they have never stuck and ...

 How do I clean glasses?
I just started wearing the glasses I got...and I don't know how to clean them...how do i clean them?...

 What Is The Most Uncommon Eye Colour?
Im just curious ......

Thanks for your time, =)

Tough Measures Against Bird Flu
Germany announced on Thursday a series of drastic measures against bird flu, after discovering new cases in the country, leading to a total of 140 infected animals, most of them in the Baltic Sea region. The Minister of Agriculture announced that access to poultry farms will be restricted to people directly involved in operations of these sites, after already imposing restrictions of access within a 3-kilometre radius from where infected birds where found. Officials had to deal with people who desperately wanted to give up their cats, some even willing to put them to sleep, after a cat died because of the H5N1 virus. The virus has not yet mutated so it cannot be transmitted among humans. Dr Barbara Bannister, director of the high security infectious diseases unit at Coppetts Wood Hospital, stated in order to reassure the audience that people are now more healthier and that scientists made considerable progress since the three bird flu pandemics, in 1918, 1957 and 1968: "We are much better placed than we used to be. We have drugs to treat the virus infection. We understand much better how the virus is spread, we are better at making effective vaccines and we have a worldwide surveillance system telling us what the virus is doing and where." Dr. Bannister talks about the Tamiflu, which, if taken within 48 hours of the first symptoms, considerably shortens the illness. Symptoms are the same as for the normal flu, the illness comes quite suddenly and it spreads the same as normal flu. There are still many unknown variables because the virus has not yet mutated. Dr Hemda Garelick, at the Middlesex University, asserted: "The mortality rate of the current virus is unusually high. When it becomes a human virus it is likely to lose a bit of virulence, but scientists don't know what the mortality rate is going to be with a human virus. There are lots of uncertainties but people are taking it seriously. I would like to see the Government develop a vaccine for humans. If they vaccinate enough people, no-one should die."

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