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New Yorker Infected with Anthrax
American officials confirmed the infection with the anthrax bacteria of Vado Diomande. The 44 year old New Yorker probably contracted it from the animals' parts he usually imports from Africa; the authorities assured that it is not a terrorist act and there is no serious threat to public health. After traveling to the west side of Africa, Diomande started experiencing the symptoms in Pennsylvania, shortly after returning from his trip. His infection is probably related to his job of making drums from animal skins. According to the recent statements, he is in a hospital in Sayre, after collapsing during a dance performance, but he is currently doing better than most victims of anthrax. At least four other people, members of the Diomande's family, may have been infected with the anthrax spores, but they are currently being treated with antibiotics. Officials are checking for contamination in the man's work area in Brooklyn and his apartment in Manhattan.Anthrax spores are usually found in many parts of the world, in the soil; livestock can be infected by eating from the contaminated soil and the infection can spread to humans if they get close to the animals or their parts. Anthrax is contracted when a person inhales its spores; the disease can be fatal, but it can be cured if treated early with antibiotics. The fatality is of 75%, the risk including antibiotics treatment. Authorities are on alert since terrorist attacks in 2001, when anthrax infected letters appeared in several places. NBC employee Tom Brokaw, two U.S. senators and the New York Post offices were among the targets. The attacks resulted in the killing of 17 people and the case still remains unsolved.

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