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 Is it normal to have no feelings?
I feel as though you have no feelings for others like 75% of the time? I am feeling very lost and i dont know why.
Am i bi polar?
Additional Details
and i dont have feelings for ...

 Should nurses put on gloves to take stiches out on a patient?

 Whats the best thing for a mosquito bite?
Having a few drinks in the garden last night and was bitten 3 times on the leg. I didn't feel it at the time but now leg swollen OUCH!! I've taken piriton but still driving me mad and its ...

 Are you a good eater?
do you eat right plz answer this question by saying never always sometimes maybe
thank you for you ...

 Really bad burn!!!?
I burned my hand today on a weld. and it's a Huge blister now how do i go about popping this thing what should I use?...

 Please help. Urgent response/s needed. What am I to do?
I am suspecting that my one-year-old son has diarrhea. He had been vomiting and having LBM (loose bowel movement), but I also noticed that his gums are swollen. Could it be the reson why he was sick? ...

 What's ICU?

 What romoves super glue from fingers?

 Have you ever stapled yourself?
And what happened and why did you do it?...

 My Mom Is Taking Me To The Doctor Tomorrow To Get Shots! 3!!! Help or Advice please?
Please give me some tips/advice or help! I can't calm down when I get them! It hurts soooooooo bad. I usually end up having about 3 nurses hold me down! x______x

Give me some tips to ...

France Starts Poultry Vaccination
On Monday, France began vaccinating thousands of ducks and geese against bird flu. The officials started the process in Landes, situated in the southwest of the country, an area with a high risk of infection from migratory birds.Meanwhile, Niger became the second West African country to become infected with the virus, after its neighboring country, Nigeria, has already reported the presence of the H5N1 virus. Bosnia also confirmed the virus in two wild swans, so far 19 new countries being infected in the past month. The outbreak originated from South-East Asia, in 2003. By 2006, 93 people died of avian flu in Asia and the Middle East. Almost all of them contracted the disease from birds, but scientists believe that there have been some cases of human to human transmission. The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that some cases of human to human infections exist, but at the present moment, the virus cannot be transmitted efficiently between humans. No one knows for certain where and if this might happen; another chance is that the virus can mutate into a less dangerous one. A human pandemic could be devastating, considering that these countries have malnutrition, poverty and poor health systems. Three serious pandemics invaded the globe in the last century: the flu from 1918, when 20 to 100 million people died, then the one from 1957, when 2 million people were killed, and the most recent in 1968, due to which 1 million lost their lives. Bird flu is already a serious threat for people around Africa and Asia, 200 million birds having died or having been destroyed in more than 30 countries. So far, cases of human death because of bird flu were reported in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and Iraq.

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