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 Blindness caused due to diabetes?
My dad is arround 60 yr old having diabetes since 6 yrs and it has startted affeting his vision. now my dad cant see anything in night, hardly he can see in the day. I know for diabetes there is no ...

 Can anybody please help new diabetic looking which yoghurts i can eat?

 Could I have Diabetes?
I have put on quite a bit of weight over the past 2 years. I am 5'4, 18 years old, and weigh 210 pounds. My father has Diabetes. I have been extremely thirsty for water the past week or so, and I...

 I have diabetes and I eat the things i shouldn't, drink beer, and am addicted to sugar?
Every day I wake up and tell myself, I'm going to get a fresh start and start treating myself better and every day I slip up. How can I stop this vicious circle. I've been told that ...

 Advice please?
My daughter has just been diagnosed diabetic shes 21 i want any advice what she can and cant eat ,ok i know nothing with sugar ,please help.Thankyou in advance....

 What is the newest anti diabetic medicines?

 Type 1 diabetics, pls help me with this question?
Have you ever taken too much insulin and had your heart race and your throat get halfway closed up, almost like anaphylactic shock?

I had a similiar reaction and I think it was from too ...

 My doctor earlier wanted to confine me for highblood sugar--i tested at 310? should i go for it?
im not taking any diabetic ...

 I'm about to get diabetes!??!?!!??!?
No one in my family's history has diabetes or ever got it in their lifetime, my doctor said my eating habits might get me diabetes, she said I'm on the borderline! What can I do to reduce ...

 HELP I think i am diabetic+have extreme hunger ,no docs and no meds,what can i do?
what foods or suppliment can i take to reverse diabetes and the constant hunger ,my weakness has and i sweet creamy coffee through out the day,im reducing that to 1 cup per day this week(started)and ...

Diabetes Glucose Levels Reduced by Aerobics
Diabetes sufferers who participate in aerobic and resistance exercises are more likely to exhibit lower glucose concentrations in their blood streams than sedentary patients, a new study, published in the November issue of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)'s Physical Therapy Journal (PTJ) reveals. This happens because continuous exercises influence the components of the human fat cells, which play a major role in the onset and development of both diabetes and obesity. "This study, which comes as the nation marks American Diabetes Month, is especially pertinent in light of new research highlighting the escalating costs and serious side effects of certain diabetes drugs. Patients with diabetes and their health care providers should be encouraged that physical therapy has been shown to be a cost-effective and safe treatment alternative," argued lead study researcher, Robin L Marcus, PT, PhD, OCS, who is also an assistant professor at the Department of Physical Therapy at University of Virginia.


The study, conducted on 15 people suffering from type II diabetes over the course of 16 weeks, compared the results obtained by the two work groups the participants had been divided in. One of them, comprising of seven test subjects, performed both aerobic and resistance exercises, while the other, composed of the eight remaining participants, only took aerobic courses during that time.


At the end of the survey, the results showed that the former group obtained much more concrete results than the latter, in terms of glucose control. Strenuous exercises influenced the number of fat cells in the body and reduced their influence on the metabolic system. The body was able to absorb energy from nutrients more efficiently and consumed it right afterwards, preventing the forming of new fat cells, thus controlling weight.


“Although aerobic exercise is still key in treating diabetes, it should not be used in isolation. As people age, they lose muscle mass and, subsequently, mobility, resulting in a greater risk of falls. Adding resistance training to the diabetes treatment regime leads to improved thigh lean tissue which, in turn, may be an important way for patients to increase resting metabolic rate, protein reserve, exercise tolerance, and functional mobility,” Robin concluded.

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