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 Give me a reason to live?
I'm probably being a pain in the ***. I just don't know what to do. My family, friends, school... all meaningless, so not supportive. I can't find happiness. Been depressed for years ...

 I need a good reason to be alive?
I've been incredibly depressed as of late; I cry daily for hours on end. My girlfriend dumped me; I suffered a back injury which squelched any chance that I had of playing baseball in college; ...

 I have most things?
I have my own place, car and a job, not much money and sometimes no money, no girlfriend and no out life, like some people but i cant stop thinking about killing myself and ending this **** life, i ...

 Hase any one got trouble with a bad temper?
And if so how do you control it i am open to any tips
I have also been told by my doctor that i have ...

 Does anyone else find listening to rain really relaxing?

 I feel very sad:(?
Any suggestions on how to make me feel better?

 Why men always think they are smarter than women?

 Suicide or not?
i'm feeling very suicidal right now and need someone to talk to.
my family call me fat all the time and i weight 110 pounds and i'm bulimic too ( eating disorders run in my family )

 What do you think happens after suicide?
if you committed suicide, but you believed in god, what do you think would happen? and assuming heaven and hell is real, do you think you could still go to heaven?...

 How do you deal with thoughts of suicide?
Everything that could go wrong in my life has and i'm constantly plagued with suicidal thoughts. I've read other comments about this that say "take up a hobby" or something, but i&...

Deadly Painkiller
Considering the tragic number of 2,000 deaths in the last two decades, consumers asked American officials to ban the drug called Darvon or Darvocet. In their petition, consumers say that propoxyphene sold as Darvon by Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals has been linked to 2,110 deaths from 1981 to 1999 and is physically addictive. In 2004, 23 million prescriptions were issued, making it the 12th most popular drug in America. The substance is mostly inappropriate for older people, because it has negative effects as sedation and confusion on the central nervous system, increasing the number of falls and, thus, fractures. The deaths occur because a big part of the drug is transformed into a metabolite, very toxic for the heart, which stays in the body longer then the original compound, causing cardiac depression. Public Citizen, the group which filled the petition, follows British officials' actions, which decided last year a phased withdrawal from the marked because of poor effectiveness and risks of overdose and death. Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group, stated: "Millions of people, many of them elderly, are being put at risk when using this drug when there are safer, more effective alternatives available. We agree with the British government's conclusion that the efficacy of this product 'is poorly established and the risk of toxicity in overdose, both accidental and deliberate, is unacceptable." Public Citizen has a reputation for identifying dangerous drugs; products such as Vioxx, Ephedra, Bextra, Rezulin, Baycol, Propulsid were found years before they were taken out of the market.

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