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Medical Dictionary     C
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  • C
    Abbreviation or symbol for centi-; small calorie; centum; concentration; speed of light in a vacuum; circumference; curie. As a subscript, refers to blood capillary.
  • C (cytosine)

    C (cytosine): C stands for cytosine, one member of the base pair G-C (guanine-cytosine) in DNA. The other base pair in DNA is A-T (adenine-thymine).

  • C bile
    bile from the hepatic duct.
  • C cell
    a cell of the pancreatic islets of the guinea pig; calcitonin-secreting round or spindle shaped follicular thyroid cell; ultrastructurally contains numerous 60–550 nm neuroendocrine granules; best identified immunohistochemically with antibodies to calcitonin.

    Alternate names: gamma cell of pancreas

    See Also: medullary carcinoma of thyroid

  • C fibers
    unmyelinated fibers, 0.4–1.2 mcm in diameter, conducting nerve impulses at a velocity of 0.7–2.3 m/sec.
  • C gene
    the gene coding for the constant regions of immunoglobulin chains.
  • C group viruses
    a serologic group of the genus Bunyavirus (formerly called group C arboviruses), composed of about 14 species including Caraparu, Murutucu, and Oriboca virus.
  • C terminus
    the end of a peptide or protein having a free carboxyl (—COOH) group.
  • C value
    the total amount of DNA in a haploid genome.
  • C wave
    a monophasic positive deflection in the electroretinogram arising in the pigment epithelium of the retina. wave in the venous and atrial pulses occurring during isovolumic ventricular contraction in which the closed atrioventricular valves (mitral and tricuspid) are abruptly displaced into the atria with creation of a pressure transient.
  • Côte-d'Ivoire virus
    a variant of Ebola virus.

    Alternate names: Ebola virus Côte-d'Ivoire

  • C-banding stain
    a selective chromosome banding stain used in human cytogenetics, employing Giemsa stain after most of the DNA is denatured or extracted by treatment with alkali, acid, salt, or heat; only heterochromatic regions close to the centromeres and rich in satellite DNA stain, except for the Y chromosome its long arm usually stains throughout.

    Alternate names: centromere banding stain

  • c-mp1
    A cell-surface receptor on megakaryocytes, platelets, and CD34-positive hematopoietic precursor cells; appears to be the receptor for regulation of megakaryocytopoiesis and platelet production.
  • c-Mpl ligand
    humoral compound that affects blood platelet production by stimulating megakaryocytes.
  • C-peptide
    The 30-amino-acid chain that connects the A and B chains of insulin in proinsulin; removed in the conversion of proinsulin to insulin.

    Alternate names: C chain

  • C-reactive protein
    a β-globulin found in the serum of various people with certain inflammatory, degenerative, and neoplastic diseases; although the protein is not a specific antibody, it precipitates in vitro the C polysaccharide present in all types of pneumococci.
  • C-section

    C-section: Short for Caesarian section.

  • C.C.
    Abbreviation for chief complaint, as recorded on a patient's medical history.
  • C.M.
    Abbreviation for Chirurgiae Magister, Master in Surgery, in the U.K.
  • c.p.
    Abbreviation for chemically pure.
  • c/o
    Abbreviation for complains of.
  • C1 esterase
    subunit of the first component of complement (C1) involved in the activation of the classical pathway.
  • C1 esterase inhibitor
    an α2-neuraminoglycoprotein that inhibits the enzymatic activity of C1 esterase, the activated first component of complement. A deficiency of this inhibitor results in a lack of inhibition of C1r and C1s leading to uncontrolled activation of the complement cascade and angioedema.
  • CA
    Abbreviation for L. circa (about, approximately).
  • CA virus
    abbreviation for croup-associated virus.
  • CA-125 antigen
    tumor marker elevated in 85% of women with advanced ovarian cancer.

    See Also: cancer antigen 125 test

  • CA-15-3 antigen
    antigen present in some patients with breast cancer.
  • CA-19-9 antigen
    tumor antigen present in cholangiocarcinomas and pancreatic carcinomas.
  • ca.
    Abbreviation for L. circa (about, approximately).
  • caapi
    A hallucinogenic preparation obtained from Banisteria caapi (family Malpighaceae), a South American jungle vine; contains harmine and other psychotomimetic principles.

    Alternate names: ayahuasca

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