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  • aberrant bundles
    a group, or groups, of fibers from the corticobulbar or corticonuclear tract, directed to each of the motor nuclei of the cranial nerves.
  • aberrant complex
    an anomalous electrocardiographic complex, more specifically an abnormal ventricular complex caused by abnormal intraventricular conduction of a supraventricular impulse.
  • aberrant ductules
    the superior or inferior diverticula of the epididymis.

    Alternate names: ductuli aberrantesTA, aberrant ducts, ductus aberrantes, vasa aberrantia

  • aberrant ganglion
    a collection of nerve cells sometimes found on a posterior spinal nerve root between the spinal ganglion and the spinal cord.
  • aberrant goiter
    enlargement of a supernumerary thyroid gland.

    Alternate names: struma aberrata

  • aberrant hemoglobin
    a mutant Hb that functions abnormally.
  • aberrant hepatic artery
    relatively common accessory or replaced right or left hepatic artery; although many varieties exist, the most common source of an aberrant right hepatic artery is the superior mesenteric artery; the most common source of an aberrant left hepatic artery is the left gastric artery.
  • aberrant regeneration
    misdirected regrowth of nerve fibers seen, for example, after oculomotor nerve injury.

    Alternate names: misdirection phenomenon

  • aberrant ventricular conduction
    abnormal intraventricular conduction of a supraventricular beat, especially where surrounding beats are normally conducted.

    Alternate names: ventricular aberration

  • Aberration

    Aberration: (1) A deviation or irregularity. For example, a chromosome aberration is a deviation from the normal chromosome number or the normal chromosome structure. In this sense, aberration is also synonymous with deflection, departure, divergence, diversion, turning. (2) A mental aberration is a significant deviation from normal mental activity. In this sense, aberration is synonymous with mental derangement, mental illness, psychopathy.

  • aberrometer
    An instrument for measuring optic aberration or any error in experimentation.
  • abetalipoproteinemia
    A disorder characterized by an absence of low-density β-lipoprotein, presence of acanthocytes in blood, retinal pigmentary degeneration, malabsorption, engorgement of upper intestinal absorptive cells with dietary triglycerides, and neuromuscular abnormalities; autosomal recessive inheritance, caused by mutation in the gene-encoding microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) on chromosome 4q.

    Alternate names: Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome

  • abeyance
    A state of temporary cessation of function.
  • abfarad
    Electromagnetic unit of capacity equal to 109 farads.
  • abfraction
    To break away.
  • abfraction lesion
    loss of tooth structure, usually in a wedge-shaped pattern in the cervical area of the tooth, attributed to flexure and fatigue in an area away from the point of loading (usually cervical).
  • abhenry
    Electromagnetic unit of inductance equal to 10−9 henry.
  • ABI
    Abbreviation for ankle-brachial index.
  • ability
    The physical, mental, or legal competence to function.
  • abiotic
    Incompatible with life. Without life.
  • abiotrophy
    An age-dependent manifestation of a genetically determined trait.
  • abirritation
    Obsolete term for diminution or abolition of irritability in a part.
  • abl
    An oncogene found in the Abelson strain of mouse leukemia virus; involved in the Philadelphia chromosome translocation in chronic granulocytic leukemia.
  • ablastemic
    Not germinal or blastemic.
  • ablastin
    An antibody that seems to inhibit reproduction of trypanosomes; found in rats infected with Trypanosoma lewisi.
  • Ablate

    Ablate: To remove. A tumor may be ablated. To ablate the thyroid gland is to remove it. The word �ablation� came from the Latin �ablatum� meaning to carry away. In 1671 the ablation (removal) of a disease was a matter for consideration. But by 1846 "ablation" had taken on a specifically surgical edge and today it applies principally to the surgical removal of any part of the body.

  • Ablation

    Ablation: Removal or excision. Ablation is usually carried out surgically. For example, surgical removal of the thyroid gland (a total thyroidectomy) is ablation of the thyroid. The word ablation comes from the Latin ablatum meaning to carry away. Historically, the word ablation once had mainly a general meaning so that in 1671 the ablation (removal) of a disease was a matter for consideration. But by 1846 "ablation" had taken on a specifically surgical edge and today it applies principally to the surgical removal of any part of the body.

  • ABLB
    Abbreviation for alternate binaural loudness balance (test).
  • ablepharia
    Congenital absence of the eyelids.

    See Also: cryptophthalmos, microblepharon

  • abluent
    Cleansing. Anything with cleansing properties.
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