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  • nasal valve
    the variable aperture between the nasal septum and the caudal margin of the upper lateral nasal cartilage.
  • nasal venous arch
    an arch formed at the root of the nose by the two supratrochlear veins connected by a transverse vein.
  • nasal vestibule
    the anterior segment of the nasal cavity, especially that enclosed by the alar cartilage, limited posterosuperiorly by the limen masi and lined with a squamous epithelium.

    Alternate names: vestibulum nasiTA, vestibule of nose

  • nasalis (muscle)
    facial muscle of nose; compound muscle consisting of: a transverse part [TA] (pars transversa [TA], musculus compressor naris) arising from the maxilla above the root of the canine tooth on each side and forming an aponeurosis across the bridge of the nose; and an alar part [TA] (pars alaris [TA], musculus dilator naris) arising from the maxilla above the lateral incisor and attaching to the wing of the nose; the alar part dilates the nostril; nerve supply, facial.

    Alternate names: musculus nasalisTA, nasal muscle

  • nascent
    Beginning; being born or produced. Denoting the state of a chemical element at the moment it is set free from one of its compounds.
  • NASH
    Acronym for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.
  • Nasik vibrio
    an organism differing from the cholera vibrio, being shorter, stouter, and less comma shaped; its cultures are very toxic to laboratory animals on intravenous injections.
  • nasioiniac
    Relating to the nasion and inion; denoting the distance in a straight line between the frontonasal suture and the external occipital protuberance.
  • nasion
    A point on the cranium corresponding to the middle of the nasofrontal suture.

    Alternate names: nasal point

  • nasion soft tissue
    the outer point of intersection between the nasion-sella line and the soft tissue profile.
  • nasion-postcondylar plane
    a plane passing through the nasion anteriorly and to a point immediately behind each condylar process of the mandible, posteriorly.
  • naso-
    The nose.
  • nasoalveolar cyst
    a soft tissue cyst located near the attachment of the ala over the maxilla; probably derived from the lower anterior part of the nasolacrimal duct.

    Alternate names: Klestadt cyst, nasolabial cyst

  • nasoantral
    Relating to the nose and maxillary sinus.
  • nasobregmatic arc
  • nasociliary nerve
    a branch of the ophthalmic nerve [CN V1] in the superior orbital fissure, passing through the orbit, giving rise to the communicating branch to the ciliary ganglion, the long ciliary nerves, the posterior and anterior ethmoidal nerves, and terminating as the infratrochlear and nasal branches, which supply the mucous membrane of the nose, the skin of the tip of the nose, and the conjunctiva.

    Alternate names: nervus nasociliarisTA, nasal nerve

  • nasociliary root of ciliary ganglion
    sensory fibers passing from the eyeball through the ciliary ganglion to their cell bodies in the trigeminal ganglion through the nasociliary nerve.

    Alternate names: communicating branch of nasociliary nerve with ciliary ganglionTA, radix sensoria ganglii ciliarisTA, sensory root of ciliary ganglionTA, radix nasociliaris ganglii ciliaris, ramus communicans nervi nasociliaris cum ganglio ciliari, long root of ciliary ganglion, radix longa ganglii ciliaris

  • nasofrontal
    Relating to the nose and forehead, or to the nasal cavity and frontal sinuses.
  • nasofrontal vein
    the vein located in the anterior medial part of the orbit that connects the superior ophthalmic vein with the angular vein.

    Alternate names: vena nasofrontalisTA

  • nasogastric
    Pertaining to or involving both the nasal passages and the stomach, as in nasogastric intubation.
  • nasogastric tube
    a flexible tube passed through the nose and into the gastric pouch to decompress the stomach.
  • nasojugal fold
    a shallow groove in the skin that extends downward and laterally from the medial canthus.
  • nasolabial
    Relating to the nose and upper lip.
  • nasolabial flap
    flap, ordinarily of lenticular shape, based either inferiorly or (more commonly) superiorly, and transferred to reconstruct defects in the lips or nose. Its blood supply can be based on muscular perforators so that the skin base can be narrowed or the flap converted to an island.

    See Also: island flap

  • nasolabial groove
  • nasolabial lymph node
    one of the facial lymph nodes located near the junction of the superior labial and facial arteries.

    Alternate names: nodus lymphoideus nasolabialisTA, nasolabial node

  • nasolabial sulcus
    a furrow between the wing of the nose and the lip.

    Alternate names: sulcus nasolabialisTA, nasolabial groove

  • nasolacrimal
    Relating to the nasal and lacrimal bones, or to the nasal cavity and lacrimal ducts.
  • nasolacrimal canal
    the bony canal formed by the maxilla, lacrimal bone, and inferior concha that transmits the nasolacrimal duct from the orbit to the inferior meatus of the nose.

    Alternate names: canalis nasolacrimalisTA

  • nasolacrimal duct
    the passage leading downward from the lacrimal sac on each side to the anterior portion of the inferior meatus of the nose, through which tears are conducted into the nasal cavity.

    Alternate names: ductus nasolacrimalisTA, nasal duct

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