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  • Napier
  • napsylate
    USAN-approved contraction for 2-naphthalenesulfonate.
  • narceine
    An alkaloid of opium; ethylnarceine is a narcotic, analgesic, and antitussive.
  • narcissism
    A state in which one interprets and regards everything in relation to oneself and not to other people or things. Self-love, which may include sexual attraction toward oneself.

    Alternate names: self-love

    See Also: autoeroticism

  • narcissistic personality disorder
    a pervasive pattern in adulthood of self-centeredness, self-importance, lack of empathy for others, sense of entitlement, and viewing others largely as objects to meet one's needs, manifested in a variety of contexts. a DSM diagnosis that is established when the specified criteria are met.
  • narco-
    Stupor, narcosis.
  • narcoanalysis
    Psychotherapeutic treatment under light anesthesia, originally used in acute combat-related cases during World War II; also has been used in the treatment of childhood trauma.

    Alternate names: narcosynthesis

    See Also: narcotherapy

  • narcohypnia
    A general numbness sometimes experienced at the moment of waking.
  • narcohypnosis
    Stupor or deep sleep induced by hypnosis.
  • narcolepsy
    A sleep disorder that usually appears in young adulthood, consisting of recurring episodes of sleep during the day and often disrupted nocturnal sleep; frequently accompanied by cataplexy, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations; a genetically determined disease.

    Alternate names: Gélineau syndrome, paroxysmal sleep

  • narcoleptic
    A sleep-inducing drug. A person with narcolepsy.
  • narcoleptic tetrad
    the clinical syndrome of narcolepsy, cataplexy, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations.
  • narcosis
    General and nonspecific reversible depression of neuronal excitability, produced by various physical and chemical agents, usually resulting in stupor rather than in anesthesia (with which narcosis was formerly synonymous).
  • narcotherapy
    Psychotherapy conducted with the patient under the influence of a sedative or narcotic.
  • narcotic
    Originally, any drug derived from opium or opiumlike compounds with potent analgesic effects associated with both significant alteration of mood and behavior and with potential for dependence and tolerance. More recently, any drug, synthetic or naturally occurring, with effects similar to those of opium and opium derivatives, including meperidine, fentanyl, and their derivatives. Capable of inducing a state of stuporous analgesia.
  • narcotic blockade
    the use of drugs to inhibit the effects of narcotic substances, as with naloxone.
  • narcotic hunger
    the physiologic craving for narcotics.
  • narcotic reversal
    the use of narcotic antagonists, such as naloxone, to terminate the action of narcotics.
  • narcotism
    Stuporous analgesia induced by a narcotic. Addiction to a narcotic.
  • Nares

    Nares: The nostrils. The word "nares" is straight out of Latin (still another reason why you should have taken Latin in school or, if you did, studied harder).

  • naringenin
    A human metabolite of naringin (q.v.), possibly an inhibitor of some cytochrome P450 enzymes.
  • naringin
    A bioflavonoid responsible for the bitter taste in grapefruit.
  • naris
    Anterior opening to the nasal cavity.

    Alternate names: anterior naris, external naris, nostril, prenaris

  • NARP
    Acronym for neuropathy, ataxia, retinitis pigmentosa syndrome, one of the inherited mitochondrial disorders, caused by a point mutation resulting in the substitution of a single amino acid in the mitochondrial DNA at position 8993. A more severe expression of the same point mutation manifests clinically as Leigh disease (q.v.).
  • narrowband
    A limited band of sound frequencies, as opposed to the wideband of frequencies also known as white noise; narrowband noise is used to mask hearing in the nontest ear in hearing measurement.
  • Nasal

    Nasal: Having to do with the nose. Nasal drops are intended for the nose, not (for example) the eyes. The word "nasal" came from the Latin "nasus" meaning the nose or snout.

  • nasal arch
    bridge of the nose, the upward arching roof of the piriform aperture formed by the nasal processes of the maxilla of each side and the nasal bones between them. Eyeglasses rest centrally on various portions of this arch.
  • nasal bone
    an elongated rectangular bone that, with its fellow, forms the bridge of the nose; it articulates with the frontal bone superiorly, the ethmoid and the frontal process of the maxilla posteriorly, and its fellow medially.

    Alternate names: os nasaleTA

  • nasal calculus
  • nasal capsule
    the cartilage around the developing nasal cavity of the embryo.
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