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what kind of soap is good for dry skin when you take a bath?I have dry skin,I was wandering if?
there are any good soaps to use,when I say soaps I don't mean 'bar soaps",I mean,like dish soaps.I use dish soaps when I take a bath.Any suggestions?

Kiss My Grits
Hahahah powder cascade with power ball,hahah seriously? oh uum..Palmolive........really?

The dish soap is part of your problem. Ever heard of dishpan hands? You now have dishpan body instead ~ lol

Instead of using that, buy Caress or Suave body wash or something like that. I prefer the Caress and we also use the Caress body bars but my husband is starting to have problems with the dry skin, too, so he is using something we got from another company to see if it is more gentle to his skin. The body wash isn't as harsh, although it can still dry your skin out to some degree, especially during the winter months when your house is much dryer.

You also need to put a humidifier in your bedroom and livingroom and use it a couple of times a week to add moisture to the air. Too much and you will end up with mold on things so don't do it too much.

You might also try Aveeno products and see if they help you since they are for sensitive skin. You can get some free products by signing up here to see if they work for you


Or try baby Aveeno since baby stuff is supposed to be made with better products for baby skin


Or you could try some kind of bath oil but I'm allergic to those so I can't use them, plus they leave a terrible scum in the tub which means more scrubbing. You can mix water and baby oil in a bottle and spray that on you while in the shower/tub and try to let it dry on the skin rather than rubbing yourself down and removing it. If you get a rash like I did, stop using it right away.

Also found this which you might find beneficial

Treatment & prevention of Itchy, dry skin
Not too hot
Take lukewarm showers and baths. Hot water can actually dry out your skin.
Nice and short
Limit showers to 5-10 minutes. Overexposure to water on your skin can also cause dryness.
Be gentle
use gentle moisturizing body washes or hand soaps.
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Apply a moisturizer right after drying off from a shower or after you’ve washed your hands.
Hydrocortisone relieves
For very itchy, dry patches of skin, doctors may recommend a hydrocortisone product. For a safe and effective way to relieve itching and reduce redness fast, try CORTAID® Intensive Therapy Anti-Itch Lotion or CORTAID® Intensive Therapy Moisturizing Cream.
Talk to your physician
If symptoms persist beyond 7 days use of CORTAID® hydrocortisone products, or if your itchy, dry skin is a chronic problem, you should consult your physician.

You you definitely need to get away from the dish soap, though.

Palmolive is suppose to soften your skin??

the super cheap fragrence free white soap, or caress

Janice D
ditto the Cetaphil. I have very dry skin and it is wonderful!

anything that says moisturizing.. and dont take really hot baths b/c heat drys out your skin.. then use some non fragrance lotion.. that should take care of it, if nothing else.. dandruff shampoo will do the trick

Heather P
I don't know about any dish soaps, but I use a liquid soap that is for sensitive skin called Cetaphil. It helps to keep my skin from drying out but still cleans as well.

Miss Delanne
Stop using dish soaps!!!! Dish soaps are made to strip away grease and oil from dishes, and they will also strip away oils from your skin leaving it dry. Use a soap or bodywash that is designed for use on the skin not on ceramic plates and metal pans and you should see a dramatic improvement in the condition of your dry skin.

Glycerin soap of any brand will e good for dry skin.

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