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 Is it a hair bump or worse?
My frend was embarrassed nd i have a yahoo so i told her id do it for her now this is th 2nd time she's had this bump on her area. Its on th outside skin its not under it Its on th outside left ...

 How could I pin my bangs back?
http://www.facebook.com/ thats what my hair looks like......

 boil( skin abscess) a.k.a. "pigsa in Filipino"?
how can boil or pigsa be cured? a friend of mine have a small boil on her groin area and she asked for my help..i dont know what to do..she doesnt want to go to the doctor. she is just taking an ...

 What is a good product to cover up and or clear ance?
I am in 8th grade, and I have acne since 5th grade.I hate it,and I wish I didn't have it.Okay so i have used ever product possible.They all have had the same results the work a bit then decide ...

 Hard toes? and my feet stink??? ?
My big toes are hard? Like in the bottoms? And. My other toes are like weird and have a bump? And they smell i have washed them 2000 times and scubed them and they still smell? My dad thinks it'...

 do rosy red cheeks have to run in the family to get them?
i was born with them
no one else in family that i know of has ...

 Question about chemical peels for acne scars!?
I recently had a horrible breakout, and am now taking some medications like yaz and an antibiotic to get rid of it, and it is working. however, I have some very light acne scarring, not noticable if I...

 Why do my lips look bigger than they did last year? Help?
I could have sworn my lips were thinner last year. Could it be from constantly biting my lips while lifting weights? They also look dry all the time. I'm an 18 year old male....

 rash on my hand is it dry skin or something else?
i have a very dry red rash on my left hand only, its on the bottom of my hand. on the side of my hand its there then in the middle theres just little dots of it, then on the other side of the hand ...

 Am i ready for accutane?
Ok, usually i don't have really bad breakouts but ever since the begging of october my face has been.. gross. I got birth control for my acne, it's been a month and nothing has changed. I ...

 Which soaps are highly alkaline?
My daughter of 18 months was diagnosed with Dontact Dermatitis. About 3 weeks ago her fingertips hands and the feet, as also her palms and plants started to peel., and turned a little red. Iearned ...

 Weird tiny bump under my skin?
I'm a 19 year old female and just noticed the other day a tiny hard movable bump under my skin probably about the size of a BB, maybe a little smaller. You can't see anything on the surface ...

 Should I apply bug spray before or after putting on lotion?
I'm on vacation in Central America and I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Would you recommend spraying on bug spray before or after I apply my daily moisturizer....

 Red bumps all over me!?
What could this mean? for several days now, there have been itchy red bumps covering my stomach, chest, thighs, and the underside of my arms. it's just really disgusting to look at, should i get ...

 worst case of eczema i've ever had! please help!?
since birth i've been a victim of SERIOUS eczema.

my eczema has only been on my arms my entire life. (occasionally behind the knees) it gets so bad that the eczema patches actually ...

 What are some over the counter lotions or creams to cure eczema?

 Red bump on the inside of my elbow?
Uh, well, I noticed yesterday that there was a small, red bump on the inside of my elbow.
I didn't really think anything of it, until today, when, now, if I bend my elbow, some of my arm ...

 sunbeds help my spots go! does that mean i have oily or dry skin?
well i dont want to go on sunbeds anymore so wats an alternative way to clear my spots ...

 What to eat to prevent spots ?

 Is it normal to have a kinda clear bump in your mouth-it kinda had a dark spot but sense I messed whith doesnt?
I have a brown dot also in my ...

what can cause a sudden breakout of the neck,chest and back?
my boyfriend says that he just had a breakout and that something is wrong with him. The breakout originates on his chest,back and neck. i looked up body acne, hives, allergic contact dermatitis, but am still unsure what could be the cause of this inflammation in the epidermis and dermis of his skin. He was indoors all day and ate nothing out of the ordinary of his diet. He didn't put any products on his body that could cause an allergic reaction. The bumps are pressured, itch, and conform in the same area.

There are so many things it could be. Maybe chicken pox if he has not ever had it, or shingles if he has had chicken pox. There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one, especially without being able to see it. Common categories of rash are:

scaly patches of skin not caused by infection,
scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,
red, itchy bumps or patches over the body, such as on the chest and back.

Although rashes are seldom dangerous, self-diagnosis is not usually a good idea. Proper evaluation of a skin rash requires a visit to a doctor or other health-care professional. Check this site for good information and you may be able to figure out what is going on.


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