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 Did Acneace work for you ?
I just brought some over the net.

Ive tried everything so i hope this works
did it work for you ?...

 need a cure for rash?
i have had this rash for about a year now, it is between my legs its not a heat rash where it burns and hurts. It just turns red and itches like crazy.

Somethings i have tried;
Shower ...

 How do I get rid of scars? What are your remedies?
I'd like to get rid of my scars. What are your remedies. I'd like something that will go away quickly (of course, gradually with time)....

 Skin discoloration please help!!!?
I am only 14 and my face is pretty much always red. My legs, arms, and hands are too. But sometimes my arms, legs, and hands turn purple why is this? I am around 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 145 ...

 can i use Acne LED light and Rosacea lED light at the same time ?!?
i have Rosacea which makes my skin RED and i have bad Oily skin thats comes with large pores !!
so if i mix these lights together will they help both problems ?...

 almost perfect circle of raised bumps on side?
Just scratched it and discovered this http://tinypic.com/r/14s on my upper right side. The bumps are almost pea sized and raised and dark pink. It hurts and is itchy. What could this be? Please ...

 My son has reddish flesh colored hives. Can't figure out what they are....?
My 2 1/2 year old just broke out in hives all over his body. I would have figured it was just an allergic reaction but after talking with my sister today my niece (1 1/2) has the same hives all over ...

 why do I have sunburn?
I have two sun patches on two sides of my eyes and I notice it is well pronounced when I change my body cream or get exposed to the ...

 I have recently been diagnosed with Cellulitis and Folliculitis (Boil) I have some questions, Please Help ?
The infection is located on the back of my neck/spine. The boil is about a quarter in size. According to the doctor's instructions she has prescribed a bactrim antibiotic medication for me to ...

 Ive been told i dont have a rosacea by a dermatologist what do you think?

 Horrible period acne!?
I have flawless skin almost when i'm not on my period but a few days before my period i break out like CRAZY! its horrible. I feel so horrible about myself and hate myself. How can i clear my ...

 Bacne question! please help!?
Ive had bacne since last year and since then ive tried everything to get rid of it! ive tried using all kinds of acne washes, i dont wear tight shirts, i wash my shoulders and back really well with ...

 what is that blister on my brother's lip?(photo included)?
well it doesn't hurt much unless touched hard,seems like thrush but had swelled and reddened a lot...its on the inner side of his lip
he is 12 years old

 red spots all over my hand?
im 12 and i was playing rock paper scissors slaps in school where you hit eachothers hand if you lose and now ive got spots all over my hand and bruises i was just wondering if i can get rid of them ...

 Please suggest a medicine/cream etc. which after applying permanently stops the Hair Growth of that skin part?

 Why am i so itchy? and have small bumbs all over my body?
Im EXTREMELY itchy. I have small red bumps all over me too. My hands/ fingers have blisters on them that are also very itchy. The itching is unbearable.. Does anyone know what this could be?


 Dry rough patch on side of my lip?? ?
So this might be kind of gross sorry. but i have a rough patch on the bottom left side of my lip. It came overnight, and its the size of a nickle, and its red and it is kind of flaky. the skin can ...

 what type of acne products are necessary?
right now im using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, MOM as a toner and aveeno daily moisturizing lotion at night. my skin steel feels dry lol. i guess the moisturizer sinks right in and does nothing.<...

 Medical Question: I have this rash thing on my arm...?
Its not contagious otherwise my son and husband would have it. But Its on the underside of my forearm just pas my elbow. Its like dry red skin itches sometimes. I dont know if its psoriasis because ...

 exzema on elbow,now its turned out wrinkly and dark?
i used to have bad exzema on my elbows,so i used this cream for weeks and it was gone now many years have gone by and my elbow has gone wrinkly like that wrinkly bit of your finger and darker (dark ...

my white french bulldog has skin allergies what can i do?
She scratches and has bumps on her and bites her feet

The poor baby. It's so typical with white dogs! Irritated feet often means that she is allergic to something that is in the air, like pollen or house dust mites. Where we would sneeze, dogs have itchy feet for some reason.
If you haven't been to the vet already, she'll need to go and get medication to stop the allergic reaction. They'll give her pills or a shot. Then while her system is calming down you can remove things that may trigger her allergy. If you can afford the allergy tests to see what exactly is the problem, that would make things easier, but it is expensive.
Something you can do anyway is build up her health. Don't buy any food at the grocery store; go to Petsmart or Tractor Supply, or order online. Get a food that is "natural" and does not have soy, corn or wheat. Canidae, or Nature's Recipe are a couple of good ones.
Also ask the vet about special shampoos. There are prescription shampoos the vet can get that will really help the bumps. For our dog, the vet actually reccommended regular Head & Shoulders shampoo--the pyrithione zinc one--and it's working very well.
And the other thing we do is give an enzyme food supplement. You can shop around or ask your vet for an acidophilus pill for dogs to help them digest their food better.
It's a life long problem that you have to work hard to manage. Watch out for things like, does she itch more after you freshly wash her bed? If so, you'll have to change detergents. Does she itch more at certain times of the year? Stuff like that. Good luck with yor baby!

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