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 What are natural remedies for keeping your skin looking young and wrinkle free?
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 Has anyone else experienced quitting eating dairy and esp quit milk: acne went away?
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 What is the best natural acne remedy that you have tried?
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 If my mom and sister have spider veins,?
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 How much does a skin biopsy hurt?
I'm getting a skin biopsy soon, either on one of my arms or legs, and I was wondering how much it hurts.

Also, what does it feel like?

Thanks for any help....

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 Is there any way to get rid of freckles?
I'm in junior high, I don't have a million $..so yeah. Natural ways are great....

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 When a man has thrush what does it look like?
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 I have some very dry knuckles.....What can I do?
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It started improving, but has gotten even worse ...

 acne spots?
what can i use for my acne spots. they are red and a bit swollen. and i have some redness on my skin from previous acne....

 Odd stretch marks on 15yr old?
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 what are the 30 40 50 sunblock numbers mean?

is listerine good for cleaning up acne ?

if you want to burn your face off in the process. Mild soaps are used for acne... listerine is a super high intensity mouthwash, designed to kill everything in your mouth. If you put it on your face, it will burn your skin, take out all the moisture, probably make you break out more... oh and not to mention burn your eyes out.

Tru Blue N Maizeā„¢ Chad HenneĀ®
yeah and for dandruff

only if your a meth adict

No, it is not good to put on your skin. My advice is to put Clearasil cream on your face before you go to bed each evening. Wash your face several times a day. Put Witch hazel on your face once a day. And never touch your face with your hands.

I suppose it would work, but you are really only doing it for the "alcohol" content. You'd be better off buying a cheaper bottle of isopropyl alcohol and some cotton balls and using that.
It will dry up the oil on your face and help reduce/prevent your acne.

I would think it would Burn, then make your skin sticky. I would just use good old soap and water or rubbing alcohol instead.

Kelly R
I have just found one that sounds interesting.
Crush up an aspirin and add a little bit of water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the pimple and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before washing off with soap and water.

The aspirin paste will reduce the redness and soothe the sting. If the pimple persists, repeat the procedure as needed until it is gone.

Hope this helps!!!
Good luck
xx K

im gonna go rub a crap load on my face right now hoping u r right... hahahahahahh late

i've never used listerine. but i use tooth paste. just put it on the pimples and leave it for how ever long you want, i leave it over night, and they start to clear up real quick. hope that helped. =D

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