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A good product

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is it safe to eat the liquid inside a blister?

The liquid trapped in a blister is the pus or technically speaking it consists of a pool of lymph and other bodily fluids. so bodily there is no harm but there are better drinks to consume than the pus. pls apply Neosporin or any other antibiotic ointment to the wound and it is a good idea to remove the excess skin, as bacteria can get under it and cause infection to it.

UUUUUUHHHHHH NO! If you do that you will be prolonging the healing process of the blister.


Yes, but bad for the blister.

Nic :
well..first of all, i'm not really sure why youd want to do that. BUT usually its just puss inside of blisters, which is your own bodies defense for bacteria and such..so i'd imagine it wouldnt be harmful to 'eat'. Although, i wouldnt recomend doing so. Because the puss inside of a blister is your bodys way of making a homemade bandage for you. the puss acts as a cushion...without that cushion, or if you open it up and drain it, it could get infected. so i dont think its too safe to pop a blister.... but if you're just concerned with eating the contents, i dont believe it would do you harm

Vicki Tori
I agree with DADDY.

It depends on who's blister it is.

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