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 Are shingles contageous and what can I do to get rid of them?
My husband has a rash that looks similar to shingles. He says that it itches all the time. They turn really red in the bath and swell up. They are located on his upper back and on his arms....

 treatment for eczema.?
I have these dry patchy areas on my arms near my elbows and on the tops of my hands that I cannot heal up with everyday lotions. any treatment ideas would be helpful....

 where can i buy a fenugreek powder??
ive read somewhere in the internet that powdered fenugreek and milk are said to tackle dark circles around the eyes..and i wana try it coz i have dark circles but i dont know where to find a ...

 'am at my late 20's,how can i cure rashes and bolis on my body?

 Am I spelling Dermofibromerosia correctly?
a nodule on the ...

 What is this rash on my foot?
It's on top and on bottom,I been having it for months, it bubbles up a little and itches like crazy. What is it and how do I get rid of it.
Here is what it looks like..

 Why do I have a light spot on my hair line???
I don't know what it is???...

 how do you treat a broken arm?

 I'm not very overweight at all but appear to have stretchmarks on stomach, is this right?
On my stomach, the front, and the sides just above the hips (lovehandle area) I have what appears to be stretchmarks. I am 6'1", fairly athletic, and 235 lbs. I have been this same weight ...

 Shiny, Oily Face?
I have an oily face. I am using Retin-A Micro to help with acne, and it works, but it's not drying out my skin at all. My skin is just as oily as before. I can wash my face, and a half hour ...

 what are the side effects of keflex?

 does ANYONE no how to get rid of a black eye?

 I have just got a small scar on my cheeks yesterday, what can I do?
Any suggestions that will be helpful....

 I have white patches on my elbows/forearms. What could this be?
They're not too big, but you can notice them. They don't itch or hurt in any way, even if I scratch them. Up close it looks like really dry, white skin. I've tried using ...

 How do you stop your orders of proactiv solution?
I became a member and found out that the products didn't work and now I want to stop the orders from coming, its taking my money away from my bank account. could someone please tell me how to ...

 Burning feet?
The soles of my feet burn, has anyone else had this and what was their diagnosis?...

 Question about hands getting cold and kinda dry?
Ya... I was sick a while ago, but I don't know if that's why it started happening, but my hands seem kinda dehydrated or something, and they get cold during hte day for some reason. A...

 is there a way to get scars from acne to go away?

 I have like white spots all oveer my face...what can i do to remove it?
my parents say that i dont have enough vitamins in me.... but a priest told me that it was because i had no blood ....What is the reason that i have it all over my face?... How can i remove it? it is ...

 Does aloe vera have antiseptic or antibacterial properties?
I want to use it on acne and was just wondering......

is candiderma oinment effective for ringworm infection?
Is candiderma ointment effective for ring worm?

Not as far as I know. What information I found on candiderma ointment is that it is a topical steroid. Probably not good for ringworm. Try tofflinate or other anti-fungal creams (used for athelete's foot)
Or if you can't get that, get a whole garlic, and take one clove, cut it in half, and rub it on the ringworm spot. Generally that'll clear it up within a week or so.

Is it a fungus killer? That is what you need. I looked up Candiderma and came up with nothing. Are you spelling it right?

put a touch a bleach on it.that will kill it every time.

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