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 how do you relieve the pain from shingles?
I'm in so much pain from shingles there are blisters on my eyes and my head. I've been to the doctor but I'm sufffering from horrible pain is there anything I can do to get relief?

 how soon after starting accuane do the sides appear?
for all my past users...and what doses were you on?...

 Have you had surgury to remove massive plantars warts? How long did it take to heal? Was recovery very painful

 Is there anything I can do at home to heal a nodular cyst?
I just didn't know if I could promote the healing of a nodular cyst without going to see a doctor. I get one every so often on my face, and they take forever, it seems, to go away, and I usually ...

 is there a medical condition where the skin on your hands gets thinner & more sensative?

 Does anyone have a natural cure for foot toenail fungas that works?
About two weeks ago I noticed 3 green globs on my toe nail, within two weeks it turned dark yellow and I lost most of it. So it anyone has anything that really works and doesn't need a ...

 I got bit by a jellyfish two days ago and now it's swelling up, what do I do?
On Saturday I got bit by something on the beach (I think it was a jellyfish). After washing it and looking at it, it looked like a bee sting (looked like a target, a tiny red circle encircled by a ...

 Does anyone else have the problem of absorbing soap through your skin into your stomach?

 Is there a medication or treatment available ?
I have had a problem with boils or sores on my rearend. Is this caused by wearing jeans or the detergent i use.Its painful and I would love to get rid of this condition.I am overseas and going to a ...

 Burnt by hot oil?
ok i've been burnt on my wrist...a day later now and it has 2 blisters on it...what does this mean and why does this happen? what should i do...alos what can i do to get the mark 2 fade, its ...

 Really bad burn. Help! Im in pain!?
I went to a water park this year and I forgot to leave on my sandals. So the concequence was that I got a toe fungus. It started out on my pointer toe and I noticed that its kind of spreading to my ...

 what if the DR doesnt know what kind of rash you have.?
the red bumps on my back could not be pinpointed by the Dr so he gave me a steroid shot and an antibiotic. why wouldnt a Dr be able to diagnose the bumpy rash on my back and on my sides?...

 Teenage Guy Spider Veins?
I'm 16 and I randomly just noticed I have spider veins down the side of my rear end and leg. Will this ever go away or at least will it not be bright red? Is this a bad sign at a young age? Any ...

 Hydrotic Eczema?
Okay, I was diagnosed with hydrotic eczema about 3 years ago and I am currently using fluocinonide 1%, but lately it has been a bit uneffective for me, and the doc says that that is the strongest ...

 eyebrows falling?
i'm a 17 yr old guy. i used to have red,itchy, flaking patch all over my eyebrows. i went to the doctor and got a cream and the flaking and itchiness has calmed down abit. but my eyebrows still ...

 Any homeopathic remedies for psoriasis?
The creams I've tried have never worked and now its gettin so bad its on my face, this is bad news for me coz sometimes I do a bit of modelling for my friend whos doing a photography degree. I ...

 What would it mean if a 3 year old has had a cough for a week and now little red spots appear on her legs?
the child has no appetite but otherwise seems ...

 I was wondering if differin acne medicine really works?!?!?
So i went to the doctor and got perscribed differin and i was wondering if it really ...

 Rash around neck?
I took notice the other day I have a rash all around my neck.I was clueless on how this rash had occured.I do not wear no necklaces around my neck,I use the same kind of soap and shampoo each single ...

 i have an acne thats not a red-head, whitehead or READ MORE?
its like a blackhead that should have gotten bigger and popped out by now its in my skin but its been there for like 5 months dont say see a dermatologist what is ...

Lola P
how long does it take a wart to fall off after its been frozen???
i had a wart on my finger frozen a few hours ago and it hurts really bad....my whole finger is swollen. how long will it keep hurting and how long before the wart falls off???

mom says if it stil hurts u should c a doc and about 7 says...lol i dunno? ~1~real

I had one frozen on my elbow. It took about a month and it was completely gone.

i dunno.

hmmmm your doc should have told you that but I assume at least a few weeks

It really depends on the type of wart. If it is a verruca it will take some time. Usually they require several treatments over a period of weeks. A normal wart is still going to take several days before it falls off.

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