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 The cost for a mole removal?
i got a mole on my chest of a size of a pencil eraser its raised. what do you think its the cost to get it remove. how long does it take to get it remove is it quick do you have lots of pain after? ...

 Facee Help?
After i washed off my makeup i noticed dry skin spots around my nose,chin,cheek. Also looks like hives are starting to show. It burns a bit and sometimes is a bit itchy? Not sure what it is....

 HELP! Need cure for itch!!?
I have been itchy for a very long while now and I have been itching all over my body, including my sensitive parts. After an itching occurs in a particular part of my body, it turns really red and ...

 What is a natural DIY, home remedy way to get lighter skin?

 how can i remove my scar?
i got burned on the side of my leg about a year ago, i hate it so freking much, i cant even wear a bathing suit without staring at it!! how can i get it removed??...

 Spider veins...HELP!?
is lasar treatment good to treat spider veins if you are a woman of color?...

 cream for spots?
I want know what kind of cream can I used for a dark spot, I had a wound 5 years ago, but now the wound had left a spot on my skin, is there any cream or remedie that I can use to make it vanish , I ...

 Irritating dry chest?
I have some sort of rash on my chest, it looks like the skin is chapped or something.... It itches and It hurts when its touched, anyone know what it could ...

 anti-fungal creams? painful?
I have a fairly mild case of ringworm on my inner thigh and I've been putting the anti-fungal cream on it for about a month now. After about 2 weeks, it started to go down in size and the color ...

 i have a lot of freckles and was wondering the best way to get rid of them or lighten them up?

 i have a question about ringworm?
okay, this girl in my first period has a huge ringworm on her arm and you can tell she doesnt take care of it. i let her sit with me and my friends at lunch a few times because she doesnt have very ...

 acne anyone? I cant seem to get rid of acne scars I have on my back and face ? Help?

 Help Horrible Skin?
I was recently on accutane and my acne was gone but then it came back. Im now starting my second round on accutane. However what really bothers me is that my skin texture is horrible. I dont know ...

 what is this?
i went tanning (ive ben before) and i started to notice these two spots...http://i205.photobucket. they're too symmetrical ...

 I have loads of pale red spots on my scalp?
If it makes any difference, I'm a ...

 does anyone know how to get rid of ingrown hairs?

 bottem of tounge?? does everyone have little bumps on the bottem of there tounge or am i the only one?

 what about acne?
what are some ways that i can clear my skin without using any kind of medicine? are there natural ways or simple kinds of soap that i can use or something else to put on my face?...

 dry flaky skin...?
i've always had really dry skin especially on my face...in fact, it's so dry that it's flaky and a little bit rough at times...i can't use lotion because it causes me to break out....

 i think i have a wort on my nose could someone help me?
they told me not to use compound ...

how do I report a unsanitary nail salon?
I recently had my nails done at a local nail salon. While there, the woman next to me was also having a pedicure, and she had open sores on her legs. Normally, the technicians do not use gloves, but did with her, am sure because of the sores on her legs. Not only did I have a pedicure, but I also had the solar nails applied. Now one of my fingers is infected and completely swollen. I am going to the doctor on Wednesday, but I feel that this salon should be reported. They should not have proceeded with that womans pedicure. And I have had nails put on before, and have never had an infection like this.

call your local Health department

Katieeee :D
Environmental Health Department, or ask the salon for an official complaint form.

City/County/State Department of Health Plus there should be a board of professional licensing for manicurists in your state.

i wouldn't go to any nail salon if they didn't use gloves...they should - for their protection & yours. go to your local council's enviromental health department - but, you need to be able to prove that your infection was due to their negligence...or the salon might sue you if the source of the complaint is revealed.

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