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 Can carrots give you a tan?
I heard if you eat a lot of them you will turn orange. Does this mean I can just eat carrots instead of risking skin cancer?...

 Why do we itch???????????
And is it helpful to us?What other ways could our bodies tell us it's irritated?

For school science question....

 will the rest of my tan go away?
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 Acne Treatments ??? Proactiv didn't work!?
i've had acne for a while now & i tried some treatments but they didn't work
i really want to get rid of it :(
i tried proactiv& the zeno hot spot but they didn't ...

 How can I get rid of cracked lips?
I have a huge crack down the middle of my bottom lip and I have to go back to school in a couple of days so I was wondering if there was any way to make it go away quickly. I've been using lip ...

 Why do I have acne, and what do I do about it?
I've never been one to have any acne at all. If you don't mind me saying, I've always had close to perfect skin. But this year (ever since the middle of the summer, I'd say) I'...

 Some thing to stop my sweating problem?
i am a 14 year old girl. my hands and feet sweat non stop. i cant hold my boyfriends hand or touch my homework paper in fear of the ink smearing. i don't think it is a nervous thing because it ...

 hey guys, question about my skin, so...?
hey, so years ago i started having acne on my back, now im 22, and i really want clear skin, so now i don't have the acne anymore, but I sure do have the spots, not scars, but the spots. Now, I&#...

 Read description please? Acne on forehead?
Okay I got side bangs (i've had them since october now) and since then I've gotten really bad acne on my forehead. I wash my face everyday, and I moisturize it too. It's not as bad as ...

 Is my nose falling off? Wobbly nose?
Okay the cartilage in my nose is wiggly. I can move my nose all over in different directions. I feel like the cartilage isn't even attached to my face. I can crack my nose like other people ...

 i think i might have hemorrhoids how can i cure them?? can someone help me?
Omg this is so embarrassing but I really need the help ok so I think I might have hemorrhoids I am a 19 year old female, it is very difficult for me to go #2 and it is very painful and I do have ...

 Will regular honey get rid of ance?
Its the kind of honey that you can grab out of a pantry or cabinets....

 I have a pea like ball underneath my skin..help please!?
Basically I found a ball like thing underneath my skin just under my gentaillia area. It is not a wart, and not a spot. When I press it it hurts a tiny bit.. I am not sure what this is, I am 14 years ...

 How do you get rid of a dried cold sore?
I have a cold sore but it dried. How do I get rid of the dead skin?...

 For acne what is better to take orally?
Is it better to take birth control pills or antibiotics?
I'm a woman....

 Why do i have REALLY spotty legs?
i've just came out of the shower, and when i was drying my legs i had like dozens of spots on them both! it's gross! How do i get them to be smooth like they used to be? and why are they ...

 how can i remove chicken pox spots from face which are about three years old?

 My cold has caused me to have dry skin HELP!!?
Urgh ok so I've had a pretty nasty cold, which yesterday caused my nose and lip to swell up, making me look like I'd had some bad plastic surgery. Today I've woken up to find it's ...

 Any acne solutions? But not proactiv cause it seemed not to work one me.?

Will my big toenail grow back after being removed? (Fungus)?
I think I need to have my toenail removed, just the one big toe, since I really don't want to take lamisil. Will it for sure grow back, like is there a possibility it won't? How long does it take to regrow fully? And last, is there anything I can do to help speed up the growing process????


Yes it will. As for how long, there are no saying. However, you can take some Calcium Supplement to possibly rush the growing process.

yes it will heal naturally

why dont you want to take lamisil. if you have your toenail removed by a doctor it will grow back as long as there isnt damage to the nail root or bed. it will take as little as a year or as long as 18 months for the big toenail to grow back and this i know from experience. as far as speeding up the process, no. one person suggested calcium but that might make you constipated

As long as the nail matrix (the area of the nail plate unit where the white "half moon" is) is left alone, then the nail plate will regrow. The plate will regrow about 2mm/month, depending upon your age and health. However, there is a very good chance that your new nail will become infected with the fungus, since you don't want to take an antifungal product.

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