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 My daughter is 6 yrs old,she is having 100.4-101.8 temp from past 3 days,skin rash,tongue sores,sore throat?
She is very weak,but eating and drinking well,she got itchy rash on her back,face and front.She has big sores on her tongue,roof of the mouth is red and painful and sore throat too.giving tylenol.Do ...

 lil sister has red hurting dots on her tummy?
okay i would like to say 3 weeks ago my sister jumped onto the bed and she landed on a pencil and some led got into her skin we pulled the led out there is no more now she had red dots on her tummy ...

 bruised swollen area with black hole in center (located in upper bikini line)?
Please be nice, its not a joke.
Thank you all for your help. (:...

 Does proactive really work?
i wanna know before i buy it. ive made that mistake before :P...

 what r the best acne face washes?
im a teenage girl and of course we want perfect skin but...... it's not working out for me! ive used scrubs and cleansingmpads and nothing works! I've even used those nasty green mask and ...

 why are my legs so itchy!?
Im a girl and my legs are always really itchy! they dont have any sign of bite marks or anything and i only get it in the mornings and at night? please help its soo ...

 Bad skin! Please help!?
So my skin is so oily. It seems like I have to touch up my makeup more than 8 times a day. And by the end of the day, my face is kind of orange. I've tried many oil free products and none of ...

 acne procedure to forever eliminate acne?
Is there an acne procedure that you can go through so that you will never breakout ever again, not just minimize the appearance of scars but eliminate the chance of getting another breakout everr!!......

 Sometimes I get furiously itchy. What do I do?
This havppens pretty often depending on what I'm doing. And it usually seems to happen during the Winter and colder temputures. I don't remember this happening too often in the summer.

 Why would someone get zits after making out?
zits along the skin right above the upper lip? multiple ones?...

 Why am I suddenly getting acne?
I am 16 and I know that's a normal age for people to get acne, but I've never had it this bad before. I first went through puberty and got my period at 9, so I would have figured it would ...

 are there any cures for acne scars?
Also, how much would it cost to have them removed by laser?...

 I have such terribile acne. I've tried Biore, Clearasil, Oxy & a few others. What do I do?
Everything I try works well for a few weeks, then just stops. Clearasil does nothing for me at all. Help?...

 Can a mole the size of a pinhead be malignant?
I had a mole on my neck the size of a pinhead and when i was zipping up my jacket i got it caught in the zipper. Later it fell off. It barely had any color to it. Could it have been malignant?...

 What is the best acne cleansing system?
What would be the best acne cleansing system out there? Like which one would you recommend? And I'm talking about Proactiv, Murad, Skin ID, and all the others. I have Proactiv but... The 3rd ...

 why do i keep getting acne?
ever since my 16th brithday i started getting acne from time to time , im now 18 and ive almost tried all products , but notting seem to stop my acne .
i got oily skin.
i think the best ...

 1 small bald spot on head?
I'm a girl and recently I have found only 1 small bald spot on my head. I noticed bald spot area is darker than the skin of my scalp .I can feel hair growing and see it soo what's happening ...

 How to cure eye bags?

 i have what looks like/similar to a ringworm on my thigh.?
im just wanting some info i cant find anything on the net but im going to the doc tomorow. well im pregnant(not that it would have anything to do with it) its a round rash just an ovul or circle of ...

 How do I treat black and brown spots left behind from acne?
I think it is hyperpigmentation. I am unable to see a dermatologist soon due to logistical reasons. =(...

Beau Gribbin
Why is this skin taking so long to heal?
this is from a carpet burn about 2 months ago
here is what it looked like about a week after the scab fell off:


and here is what it looks like around 2 months after the scab fell off:


Usually after a scab falls off the skin is pink for like a week, why is it taking more than 2 months to heal? is it because its on me neck? please help me

Micheal Hunt

Batman Betmenovic
It'll pass eventually

Looks healed to me. The larger the burn the more likely a scar. Probably just mild scarring.

Kingofkings Godly
It's just scar tissue, this will eventually fade but it will seem like forever that it is there. One day you will wake up and it will be gone, it will slowly fade over time.

Think you'll find that that has scarred... XD

But, being serious, as we get older, even little scrapes and cuts become scars. I found this recently when I got a carpet burn also and it has ended up as a scar on my elbow. Wear it with pride! (and hope that people don't think it is a hickey... XD :p)

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