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Why is my face always so red? (Not rosacea)?
My face always seem's to have a red complexion to it whenever I was my face and get my makeup off. I don't scrub to hard and only use about luke warm water with a mild soap. I'm not allergic, because my face swells up when I'm allergic.

Like my entire skin tone is just red in my face and the only thing that makes my face paler, to match the rest of my body's skin tone, is makeup. And I don't want to have to wear makeup constantly.

It's not rosacea because it's not like it's irritated at all. It just turns the color red. And it's not as if it's my natural skin tone because the rest of my body is ivory.

What's the deal?

Answerer 5
Is ur face red because of acne? if it is..some ppl are like this naturally but i think that this tends to happen when pppl have big pores so after washing your face rinse and put cold water on it to minimize pore size. Also this tends to happen if the skin is dry or combination and then u put a light moisturizer(dont use products to dry the pimple because these pimples are caused by drynees thus creating a red irritaed pimple) Hope this helped

Answerer 4
vitamin deficiencies, chronic stress, and alcohol use can cause tiny broken capilaries in the face. best remedied by getting plenty of rest, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, taking vitamin supplements, and getting fresh air. good luck.

Answerer 3
omg my skin is like that too. always red esp my nose and cheeks...im going to wait for someone else to answer cause im wondering why too :|

Answerer 2
umm if you are over wieght then u get red cheeks fast easier, but if u are not overwieght then maybe thats just they way u are! everyone is different! make sure u take your vitamins and eat healthy because high blood pressure also contribute to having a red face hehe

im like that too, because im overwieght.. :(

Answerer 1
Could be very serious. Possibly a red blood cell issue. Get to your doctor asap...Facial redness is a symptom of usually something serious.

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