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 please help me i got a face problem?
hey so my face was smooth till 2 days ago when i got this rash you cant see it but you can feel it so i was putting on makeup and the makeup made it visible. this is my first time getting anything ...

 i have had a double pinky toe nail on my left foot for a couple of years and i would like to know why? thanks.?
I've had it for about 4 years. i have a regular nail which does not hurt, but right under it i have like an abnormal nail growth and it is thick and it hurts a lot when i wear different kinds of ...

 Does Tretinoin Cream bleach clothing?
I just started the cream literally 5 minutes ago, and I applied it to my face. But I had my shirt on, and I'm a little wary of taking it off, because I've had other creams stain favorite ...

 need major acne help?
i have clearisil ultra's acne clearing gel wash, which is a blue liquid thing inside a clear bottle, and i was wondering how long do i keep it on my face before washing it off. usually i put it ...

 Can you really tan with sunscreen?
My parents are quite strict on sun & basically will never let me sit out in the sun with tanning oil etc, and because I always have to wear sunscreen, will I tan?...

 How do you get rid of zits?
I have always had flawless skin & this week for some reason, right under my chin and at the tip top of my head I got a couple zits. THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN. I like my perfect skin and want to keep it....

 Duac and Isotrex gel redness, what to do?
I have mild to moderate case of acne so my dermatologist prescribed me that two, but then after a week of using both, it cause me redness in my face. I'm just thinking if I should reduce the ...

 any tips to better skin for people with acne?
you know how those commercials have those people with acne... my skin makes their's look good! any tips? I shower twice a dy and have a good diet. I am currently on acne creams we have been ...

 SPF for super sensitive, dehydrated combination skin?
I need a new SPF, as it turns out that my new daily moisturizer doesn't contain any SPF as my previous one did. So I need a new one, available in the UK in the London-area. Price doesn't ...

 Why did my skin flare up to Blistex Lip Balm, but not ChapStick?
Hey all,

I used Blistex Medicated Lip Balm (SPF 15) and the area around my mouth flared up. It's red and is in the shape of a goatee lol

I am currently using regular C...

 what is the best exfoliator for skin that has spots on? UK?
preferably for sensitive skin please

 Does pregnancy cause face peeling?
Ever since I got pregnant I have notices my face is starting to peel around my mouth. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to something but it has been going on for too long. Now I think ...

 Skin after n before shower dry and dull?
i am a 15 year old guy. and my skin has always been dry. and its very un even tone wise. is there a body wash i can use that can keep my skin mostourzed, is there anything i can use after i take a ...

 I just noticed a small part of my lip isn't there?
You know those two mountain shaped parts at the top of your lip? On the left "mountain" it's gone in the shape of half a circle. I don't remember any past injury to it. I wear ...

 How to get rid of crease/wrinkle from eyelid?
Ok, so I have a crease/wrinkle on my left - but not the other - and I am not quite sure I have developed it. I am only 14 years old and it seems really odd to be having this at such an early age. A...

 i have big dark brown circles and i'm only 17! pls help!?
they are huge! i do get enough sleep, most of the time i get more than enough ( i sleep a lot!) lol.
i don't drink too much water but I've been since I've been reading up on how ...

 How do you get rid of face redness due to benzoyl peroxide?
I've been using benzoyl peroxide (5%) mixed with clindamycin for about 3 years to contain any acne I've experienced. My acne was never too severe, but I still wanted to have a more clear ...

 Why is my nose like this (details inside)?
After work, school or exercise, I always notice that my nose has sand/salt in it. I don't think it is whiteheads because it is not obvious but I think it could be because I am eating too much ...

 My back isn't smooth like it was before?
Before I would have the softest skin on my upper back (between my shoulder blades), and now I think once I grew my long hair, my back isn't smooth anymore and it's rough with Keratosis P...

 What's with these itchy things appearing randomly on my skin?
Okay so, starting like 1 1/2 weeks ago I started getting these random things appearing on my skin. It's like a small bump, then it grows itchier and itchier, at that it grows bigger too! I have ...

Amber Koko
Why are the tops of my hands red and dry?
Only the top of my right hand has turned red and dry. My mom thought it might be the Christmas tree irritating my skin. But I have had it for a few weeks now! It can be itchy sometimes, and it really likes to spread around my knuckles. It has spread to my left hand and I'm getting rather worried. It is not bumpy, just itchy, red, dry skin. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?

tod m
foot fungus from a dirty carpet?

Accio Doublestuff
Put on lots of lotion... your skin is moisture-deprived!
But FIRST make sure you're not allergic to the lotion.

Last winter, I kept on getting red, dry skin and thought that it was JUST dry skin.
My hands were like yours.
So, I lathered on the lotion everyday.
My mom (who is a nurse) told me that I was having an allergic reaction to the lotion!
The more I thought I had dry skin, the more I put on, then the more my hands would get red, then etc. XD

I'm not allergic to anything (except for that lotion i guess :P) and all other lotions are fine.

So if you keep on using a specific lotion and it irritates your skin, stop using it and use a different one. If the problem persists or retrogresses, and no lotions work, consult a dermatologist.

But most likely, it's dry skin.

Your hands are chapped from the cold, dry weather. I can almost guarantee that is what it is. If it's itchy, red, dry, not bumpy, not oozing, not spreading all over your body (just limited to your hands), and you have no other symptoms, that's almost definitely what it is.

Apply a heavy, deep moisturizing lotion to your hands several times a day. Every time you think about it, put more lotion on your hands, apply it generously and rub it in well. Do this every day and within a week or so you should start seeing some improvement, and within 2 weeks your skin should return back to normal.

Good luck!

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