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 how do i get rid of my scars?
i have a very sensitive skin all over my body, so much in my arms and legs, i've tried a lot of alternatives but i doesnt work. . . even insect bite always leave a dark spots. i already visit ...

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 where my nose and cheek meet i think that I'm getting a cold sore. can you get them that high up on your face?
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 What's the deal on antibiotics? Is it harmful if you forgot to follow the schedule on when to take it?
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 cleanser, toner and moisturiser?
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 what is granuloma?

 what kind of lotion does not have alcohol?

Kimberly S
What is this small zit-like spot under my eye? It's been there for a year? Any ideas?
I have a small spot that looks like a white head but it is not. It's just a hard white spot underneath my left eye and it has been there for almost a year. It just showed up. Someone told me once that it was a skin tag, but when you look closely it isn't tag like at all, more white head like, but firm. It isn't painful and I don't have any eye problems. I just don't like the way it appears and would love to know what it is? and How to rid myself of it. Thanks

its called a stie i know its not much of an answer but look up the word stie it means "Inflammation of one or more sebaceous glands of an eyelid." its easy to get rid of it just ask your doctor or pharmiscist.

I use to have one in the same spot to. I duno though, I always just ignored it and showered daily and sooner or later it just went away. Dont irratate it unless you want a scar or it to heal longer.

I'd try applying a hot washcloth to it (don't burn yourself, but make it as warm as you can and keep replacing it) and see if that softens it up, or brings anything to a head.
Worth a try.

It sounds like what I had a few years ago.
My opthamologist said it was a chalazion and that it would not go away on it's own. He had to operate on it to remove the lump and it healed very quickly.

dances with unicorns
These are usually very small deposits of fat. They can be opened and the fat can be removed, but unless they've gotten large, it's best to simply leave them alone. If it has gotten large enough that it's troubling you in some way, it should be opened and removed by a doctor; it's a quick office procedure, but it's not something you should do yourself.

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