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 Can Vitamin D deficiency mimic bipolar disease?

I have weird shaped goosebump reactions every few hours. its like some of my goosebumps on my arm arent working, so there are patches. Whats going on?...

 rosacea?after a shower my face is red and splotchy,ALONG WITH RED,ITCHY BURNING EYES THOUGHOUT THE DAY,ANYONE?

 Hi i work in the office n have to be in shoes and i have a troublesome athlete's feet, i can i bestv treat it?
some people call it ...

 What is the best facial soap to use for the treatment of acne?

 how do you get rid of gen warts??

 Why do i keep getting boils on my skin?
I've taken every kind of antibiotic it seems. I've been to the Doctor 8 times in the past 2 years from these boils. First they start itching, then over a few days the swell up reall big. T...

 What is the best treatment for Psoriasis?

 best proven medicine for fungal infection?

 Severe rash/ "Pitta dermatitis" CURE NEEDED!! Does anyone know how to stop it?
My boyfriend has a rash on his torso and face that he's had for almost a week now. The itching and pain were so severe that we went to the ER night before last. The Doctors seemed to give us a B...

 How do you treat a blister on the foot?
I just got my first serious blister. It's actually on my 2nd toe next to the big one almost underneath it (probably from my flip flops). My sister's wedding is next week and it's ...

 I been having some spots on my skin brown color, some say is because of a desease on the liber????
I need to know what is causing this orange brown color spots on my skin, does any one knows why is this ...

 Can Kerasosis Piloris cause itching?

 Please Help if you Can?
Last night I applied some salycilic acne medication to affected areas on my face. When i woke up and washed it off, some areas that I applied it to made my skin darker there and now it looks horrible....

 can grapefruit, kiwi, mango n papaya extract in cosmetic products cause harm to our face skin?

 How can you get rid of acne scars?
I was wondering.. how you can get acne scars? Are there any products you can use? I was really hoping to get good results by the beginning of sophmore year which is just about a month and two weeks ...

 Making a sunburn go away ASAP?
I got sunburned really badly. I need to make it go away ASAP. I'm already using Aloe and staying out of the sun. Anybody have remedies that work? I'm a counselor at a camp with little kids. ...

 Boils or Something Else?
I have what seem like boils that I get on my breast and upper inner thighs. They are very painful and swollen and they have fluid, but they never go away and leave scars. I get 1 every month a few ...

 Home remedies for skin burns due to contact with lemons while sun bathing.?
I went to the beach and apparently came in contact with lemons and now I have this nasty sort of burn on my leg. Does anyone have any ideas on how to speed up the healing and ensure no scaring? T...

 help please, ever had a?
have any of you ever had a plantar wart? if so can you please tell me how i can stop the pain of my wart. i went to a foot doctor and he just trimmed it back for me and told me to use otc meds to ...

What causes rust-colored skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet?

Do you use a sunless tanning lotion? if you do not wash the bottoms of your hand or feet, it will tan those also and palms and soles do not tan

Too much carotene can cause skin discoloration, certain medications, self-tanning foams. Sorry, I have no idea what your lifestyle is, what you eat, what you handle. It would've been nice to be able to get more information from you.

Different Chemicals and Certain Fruits and Vegetables will cause this anomaly. See if any of these are used in daily Life.

spray tan

high blood pressure?
see your doctor.

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