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 How do you clear up bacne?
i've had it for a couple years now and it's ruining my life! i hate wearing a bathing suit or tank tops and it makes outfit choices hard. also i want clear healthy skin. does anyone know ...

 What can cause a distended abdomen, yellow skin and scleras?
An elderly man, found unconscious in the alley behind a local restaurant, is brought tot he clinic in a patrol car. His abdomen is distended, his skin and scleras are yellow, and he reeks of alcohol....

 I think proactive instantly made my face worse?
So I have been using clean and clear daily pore cleanser and my acne has gotten to a managable level but I thought I would give proactive a try just to see if it could get rid of it for good. I just ...

 What does it mean when you have hair loss and tongue peeling?
Im sixteen years old.
and lately my hairs been falling out like crazy.
and then today my tongue started peeling..
im really nervous & im not sure what this could mean.


 I need pictures and names of hand warts and abnormalities?

 what's the diet for acne?
annoying acne, please tell me the diet to cure acne, and diet that should be avoided

 most effective acne treatment is?
need some tips about most effective acne ...

 what is it when you a just a little amount of dark red blood in your tool and when you wipe?
when i use the bathroom there is just a tiny amount of very dark red blood in my stool and when i wipe i get just a little bit amount of dark gooey looking blood on the ...

 Effective Ance treatment?
My acne is has been driving me crazy for years and I just want an effective solution. I am currently using a really strong face wash (my skin can handle it) and it just seems to help a little, which ...

 how to get rid of dandruff?

 Burt's Bees or Alba Botanica?
AND why?...

 Why do bed bug bites look different on me?
For a while now I've been getting bitten, but at first I didn't even think they were bed bug bites because I would google "bed bug bites" and the only pictures would be of the ...

 My hands are super dry?
I put medical lotion on them and they will get so dry and the skin with crack open and bleed. (Sorry if that's TMI). It really hurts.

I take care of a 3 month old so I am always ...

 Dent on upper lip from cold sore - will it go away?
I had a cold sore (1cmx1cm) 6 days ago and surprisingly it healed pretty quickly because the scab already fell off today. But when the scab was forming, it bled at least 5 times from the scab being ...

 Nail breaking! HELP!!!!!!!?
I was thinking about painting my nails, and I looked at my thumb nail and I saw that quarter of the way in, my nail is chipping/breaking in the middle! How do I fix it?? And how do i prevent it?

 Lemon juice, honey, and egg white facial mask?
I herd all these work good, but would it be okay if I put them all together and put them on my face? and like is once a day okay?...

 How to heal my cold sore?
I had a cold sore just come up yesterday, since then I've been applying campho phenique on it like crazy hoping that if I keep it doctored real good maybe it will not scab and just go away.H...

 I have acne on my face, chest, and back!?
Can I get suggestions on how to get rid of my body acne and how to prevent it and what is causing it!???...

 how do i get rid of blackheads?
i have blackheads on ym nose and chin. i have tried lotions and scrubs but nothing works. any hmeade recipes or remodies?...

 How can I get rid of a cold sore?
Gahhh it hurts and its soo annoying. -.-
How can I get rid of it?...

The inside of my nose is really dry and it hurts bad?
it feels like its gonna crack open. suggestions?

Mike Smith

don't touch it it'll heal by itself

Mrs. Kingston
It's the weather.

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