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 Steps to become a Dermatologist?
how many years, courses, anything.
also is there any job I can have in the medical field while still going to school to become dermatologist?...

 Scratched by coral reef... What should I do? Help?
I got scratched by coral reef while I was scubadiving 5 days ago. I dont think it was fire coral... I think it was a normal coral. It started hurting so bad for the next few hours on that day and the ...

 Who here has severe acne, and how does it affect your life?
Hi there. I wanted to get some perspectives of other people's lives who also have severe acne and what is does to their life. Anyway at all about how you feel. Does it make you less confident, ...

 what is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
I have acne scars on my face and I would like to remove them what is the best way to clear it up?...

 If I am allergic to one acne medication, am I allergic to them all?
Hi, I struggle with acne and it's so frustrating. I went to the dermatologist and they put me on an acne medication called Solodyn. I had a terrible allergic reaction to it, broke out in hive ...

 Odd bump on skin that grows larger, looks like mushroom cap?
Its above my crotch (where my pubes are) and its almost the size of a dime.
It's been there for about 3-4 years now. I just never really payed any attention to it. It use to be smaller.

 How do you get rid of freckles?
I have many freckles and i wear sunscreen in my makeup how do i get rid of them
any advice?...

 I get extremely itchy all over my body?
When I start playing sports or get an adrenaline rush, I get extremely itchy all over my body. However, if I play sports for a long time, it goes away....

 Dry skin, e45 hand cream has given me a rash?!?

I've got very dry hands so I applied e45 hand cream and its given me a rash?! Anyone else got this from e45 cream? I'm sure its meant to heal not hinder >.<. Why is ...

 Is St Ives Green Tea Scrub any good?

 bump on ear piercing?
my ear piercing hurt so bad today at school. there was a bump right by the earring. when i got home, i took it out to clean it and it started bleeding and puss came out. now when i try to pit an ...

 I cut myself shaving down there and now theres a weird bump...?
This morning i was showering and i cut myself while i was shaving my uh... lower depths. Its in a really awkward place too... not even like up towards my belly, closer to the hole if anything. and it ...

 Why does my skin become unbearably itchy when I get out in warm weather?
My mom told me to go rake the leaves, so I did. I was out there, and after about ten minutes of being out in the heat (It's probably about 85°F outside,) my skin started itching unbearably. I ...

 List of spa treatments I can do at home please?
I am a little stressed at the mo so I am having a spa day tomorrow. I would appreciate. List of spa treatments i can do tomorrow

 Is it normal for my eyebrow piercing to have some discoloration around the wounds?
Ive had my eyebrow piercing for about a week and a half and the bruise it left me is starting to go away but on the wounds its a little purpliey brown like discoloration..i think that normal right?<...

 What are some of the fastest home remedies for warts?
I have a small wart on the top of my right foot. I *despise* it. I need to know some of the fastest home remedies for it. I don't want to make my parents spend a lot of money on a doctor's ...

 Melanoma?Please help!?
If I have a mole that is in place that has never been exposed to sunlight could it be melanoma?...

 What are some good acne products you can find at drugstores?
and some tips that will keep my skin clear!! Thank you so much!!...

 Help what has gone wrong with my skin?
Im 17 year male, and my skin has got acne, ashy, dull and darkish and it really doesnt suit me what shall I do

Will sh1t like drinking water and fruits help, could it be beacuse I rarley ...

 Tragus piecing, how much (england) and DOES IT HURT?
I really want my tragus done. Fist how much (british pounds)

and DOES IT HURT - honestly

thanks ...

Small red bumps on neck/chest area?
I woke up this morning with these red bumps (very small) on my neck and upper chest. The area they surround is somewhat red and I am very curious as to what they are. Could it be a reaction to something? I haven't used any new lotions or new body sprays or anything. Any ideas? Please help!

:) Livelaughlove
I would think it was some sort of perfume or something, but guess not.

maybe its something that you ate that caused you to break out in that area... you never know??

maybe TOM visited :)

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